The human massage as a method for reliving pains in the body muscles has been used since ancient times. The old civilizations, like the Egyptian and Babylonian, discovered that the natural healing method and the massage therapy could relieve pain, heal injuries, eliminate stress, and cure or prevent illnesses. Today, many people use this relaxation treatment as a way to reduce their muscle pain or to reduce the everyday stress. But not all can afford a massage once or twice a week. Luckily, we live in a modern world where everything can be copied, even the human touch. For all those who either lack free time or don’t have money to afford professional massage therapy, there is a wide range of massage chairs available on the market. These chairs can provide the same benefits a professional massage therapist can, but in more convenient way, giving you opportunity to save money and valuable time. With such chairs, you can enjoy the benefits of a professional massage at the comfort of your home.


The massage chair therapy doesn’t correct any dysfunction or disease – it simply helps your body to relax and reduces the stress or muscle tension. A professional massage chair combines sophisticated engineering and elegant design in order to provide therapeutic benefits to your body. Simply, by touching the ergonomically designed buttons and choosing your favorite program, the massage chair moves slowly at different speeds. This movement copies the firm hands of a skilled and experienced masseuse. Most massage chairs that can be found on the market offer three massage programs:

  • Back massage – This massage chair program provides series of combined functions that offer invigorating massage for the entire back, reducing the pain and relaxing your back.
  • Shoulders and neck massage – This massage program relives the tension in your upper back and makes you feel more energized and refreshed.
  • Lower back massage – Whether you work at warehouse or in a office, a 15 minutes lower back massage will eliminate the back pain after a hard working day.

The massage chair therapy starts with a mechanism that works like “arms and wrists”. Designed with innovative features, a typical massage chair offers the following massage techniques:

  • Kneading – This massage chair technique relives pain and tension by stretching and kneading your muscles. Improves lymph and blood circulation, and brings vital nutrients to the spinal area. It also release the toxins in the nerve and muscle tissues.
  • Rolling – This technique applies continuous pressure while gently rolling your back up and down. Loosens and warms your back muscles, preparing them for a deeper massage. Rolling relaxes your back, relieves the muscle tension and improves your blood circulation.
  • Percussion – Thanks to the rapid-tapping strokes, this technique provides spinal joint and spinal muscles relaxation. These movements stimulate blood circulation and strengthen and tone muscles.
  • Compression – Reduces the pressure in the muscle tissues. Helps for joint and muscle repair, caused by long hours spend over a desk, day-to-day stress or from exercise. This massage technique improves your complete posture and mobility. It softens the tissues and induces better blood flow.
  • Percussion and Kneading – Kneading eliminates soreness and tension by stretching and lifting your muscles in a circular and slow motion, while the rapid-tapping movements stimulate spinal joint and muscles relaxation. This combination stimulates better blood circulation and strengthens your muscles, especially the soft tissue areas of your body.