The home security is a top priority for many homeowners, and that’s why many of them choose to install alarm systems. These systems can range from simple and easy to operate alarms that can detect intrusion easily, and more complex systems that include wireless security monitoring. You need to choose a system that will satisfy your safety requirements. If you are looking for monitored security system, you need to know how it works and what are the main parts so you can understand what your security consultant is talking about. All security systems come with basic parts and additional accessories that can be included to the system.

Parts of basic monitored security system:

  • Control panel – This part is the brain of the security system. It receives signals from your motion sensors and detectors to trigger the alarm. The control panel is usually connected to a phone line. Some systems have wireless connection. The control panel needs to be placed on locations where burglars cannot find it easily.

  • Keypad – The keypad is used to disarm and arm your monitored security system. It may be a digital touchscreen or a set of buttons. Usually, the monitored security system comes with two keypads, one near your front door and one in your bedroom.

  • Window and door sensors – These sensors are attached on the windows and doors. When someone tries to break through the door or windows, they immediately send notifications to the control panel.

  • Motion detectors – If a burglar makes his way into your house, the motion detectors are the second line of defense. When they detect a movement or heat, they send a signal to your alarm control panel. If you have pets, learn how to minimize the false alarms.

  • Alarm/Siren – When the control panel of your alarm system receives a signal from the sensor detectors, the system release a loud sound which can scare the burglar and alert your neighbors if you are not home.

  • Security monitoring station – Even if your monitored security system is turned off, your home is protected because these systems usually are 24/7 monitored by a monitoring alarm company in case of an emergency.

Security System Accessories – Now when you know the basics, there are some extras you can add to your security system which will give you convenience and extra security. These accessories include:

  • Home automation – control your system from web-enabled devices such as tablet or smart phones.

  • Surveillance cameras – Keep an eye on your home when you are away.

  • Glass break sensors – These sensors send signals if someone breaks your windows.

  • Movement sensors – Sensors that trigger the alarm when someone moves around your home.