Rj45 cable connector is the most common network cable connector used all around the world. Used in many different applications, the RJ45 cable connector is cost effective, quick and easy to install. The RJ45 is suitable for almost every application, including Ethernet networking, network telecommunications, control and factory automation. The RJ45 cable is in the ‘Registered Jack’ family of connectors. In short, the Rj45 cable connector is a plastic piece that needs to be applied to the end of a computer networking cable so it can be connected properly.


The Rj45 cable usually makes a reference to the connector that is used in the standard Ethernet network connection. The Ethernet presents network of communication cables, and it is the way computers ‘talk’ with each other. There are two different types of cables that require the RJ45 cable connector. The first is a Category 4 cable that allows 4 wire connections, and the second is the Category 6 cable that allows 6 wire connections.

The RJ45 Category 6 cable has 6 wires that can be used for transferring data. Out of all 6 wires, only 4 are used. The manufacturers that produce network cables on purpose add two extra wires which are not being used. According to their predictions, more powerful network cables will be needed to carry bigger amounts of data in the future, but at the moment they aren’t used.

The RJ connection is used in standard network cards and computers which are connected to networks. Firstly, Rj45 cable connector was invented for the telecommunication industry to connect modems to telephones. Today, Rj45 cable connectors are used for many networking devices, such as: Ethernet cables, modems, computers, laptops, printers, etc. The Rj45 cable today is a standard in opposition to the RJ11 cable that utilizes only 4 wires. The RJ connectors were introduced back in the 1970s, and they were designed to replace the bulkier connectors. The Rj45 cable connector provides cleaner connection in comparison to the old connectors. There are network stores and online suppliers that offer a comprehensive range of RJ45 cable connectors designed to suit individual requirements.