It is a common belief that we are going through the biggest crisis in the history of the Christian religion. We live in a time of false teachings about the Christian spiritual matters, which lead us in a wrong direction when it comes to understanding and loving God. Most young people today have a totally wrong perception of what Christianity really stands for, thanks to Christian-based books, movies and music that give an impression of a heavenly place.


“Why Jesus?” is a book which deals with the right presentation of the spiritual matters. The Why Jesus book is written by Dr. Ravi Zacharias, an author that has written numerous Christian-based books. He is Canadian-American Christian apologist and intellectual individual that strongly defends the values of the traditional evangelicalism.

Zacharias has written many influential books that deal with many themes related to the Christian religion, among which the most popular are the award-winning book “Gold Medallion”, “Can Man Live Without God?”, “Light in the Shadow of Jihad” and “The Grand Weaver”. Many of his books are best selling books that have earned an important place and role in numerous Christian communities all across the world. He is also a host of the radio programs called “Let My People Think” and “Just Thinking”.

The main message the author defends in the Why Jesus book is the fact that many of the modern moves, book and TV shows that make an effort to teach about the values of the Christianity, do this in a totally wrong manner. Namely, what the author tries to point out is that in the age of new spirituality, when it comes to religion matters, we are trapped by feelings not by the real truth. He strongly defends his thesis that only Jesus alone is the truth, nothing else but the personality of the God’s son.

Why Jesus book is a must read for all devoted Christians that want to acquire nothing but the truth about what really the Christian religion is about. It’s a book that will enlighten you and will lead you towards understanding the essential truth, which you as a real Christian ought to believe in. In the end, if you want to learn the truth about the new movement that has taken great influence in the Western contemporary culture, include this book in your books-to-read list. You won’t regret it!