Being the leading Australian wine maker since 1844, without any doubt, Penfolds is the main reason for the successful improvement of Australian fine wine in the modern era. The Penfolds Grange introduction in 1951, changed the meaning of Australian fine wine for good and since, numerous prestigious Penfolds wines have been released on the market. However, what brings Penfolds to the world’s stage is Peter Gago, Penfolds chief winemaker, who is also an enthusiastic ambassador and natural educator.

Moreover, Penfolds gained great popularity from their famous and delicious red wine Grange, which in 1990 became the Wine Spectator’s ‘Wine of the Year’. Since the Penfolds red “Grange” became one of the most collectible wines in the world; it has been honored to be on the front cover of “Wine Spectator” with declarations of Grange as Australia’s Icon. Undoubtedly, many more prizes are on their way in the years to come.

Koonunga Cabernet Merlot Blend

Koonunga Cabernet Merlot Blend

Besides the Grange and Shiraz, what makes Penfolds so popular is its delicious Koonunga Cabernet Merlot Blend. Fresh and lively, the Koonunga Cabernet Merlot blend is a combination of fruit aromas of red currant, plum, rhubarb, red cherry and dark chocolate. This amazing wine is a powerful blend that contains fruits from several vineyards in South Australia like the Barosaa Valley, McLaren Vale, Padthaway, Coonawarra and Langhorne Creek.

Aroma & Taste

This underrated Penfolds wine has a dark burgundy/garnet colour and a very spicy and oaky aroma. It is medium to full-bodied wine that tastes like chocolate and lovely plums with a slightly peppery slant. It ends with a medium lasting finish.

Food Pairing

The Koonunga Cabernet Merlot blend pairs very well with cheese salads in a combination with pears, cranberries and field greens. Plus, it goes extraordinary well with pizza, pasta dishes and of course, chocolate.

Very enjoyable and nice, this medium-bodied red wine from the Penfolds stable is perfect for beginners. Keep in mind to give it a little room to develop its flavours and aromas as well as to soften its spiciness. If you want to truly appreciate the Koonunga Hill Cabernet Merlot wine, its fruit characters and the fine grained tannins, taste it while still young, or maximum two years cellared.

If you have a passion for food and beverages that deliver pleasure to the mouth, we recommend you try this exceptional red wine from Pendolfs. You will surely not regret it! Enjoy in the chilly spring nights chatting with friends while enjoying this splendid Penfolds red wine.