Being the avid gamer I am, I kind of gave my parents a hint that a laptop might be a good idea for a Christmas present. To my surprise, they bought me a Mac. I was a little disappointed knowing the divided opinion on Macs in the gaming community. However, since it was already there I just gave up on the idea of returning it and decided to make the best of it and I was amazed how well these machines can perform. I know we’ve all heard Macs can’t even run flash games, however I’ve been using my Mac laptop for gaming for a year now and I’m quite satisfied. If you have a Mac, you probably use it for making music, working or your parents might have bought it by mistake (chuckles), but if you want to use it for a little gaming on the side, let’s see how well they can perform.


If you’ve used a Mac for a while for some creative work, such as making music, editing photos and writing, but now you want to get on the gaming bandwagon, there is one necessary step to take in order to ensure a better experience and that’s taking the laptop to a pro for a few Mac laptop repairs. After working on any kind of laptop or computer for over a year, it is safe to assume that it has accumulated many unnecessary files and programs. The experienced IT technicians will clean it up and get it ready for you in no time. I take my Mac for a clean up every 2-3 months. This keeps it running at the same pace it did back then when I first took it out of the box. As viruses for Apple products became more common, with the Mac laptop repairs I remain protected from them.

The game market for the Apple laptops is scarce, but installing Origin and Steam opened up a whole new world. Mostly indie games are available, but there are some major Triple-A titles that I play and enjoy. I got a steady frame rate playing on medium to high settings. You can play at 720p with ease, but I wouldn’t try to push it beyond that. However, keep in mind that Macs aren’t designed for gaming. They are made for a number of creative jobs, some of which I did mention above and that’s where they dominate the playing field. However, you can still use them to play a few games that aren’t so demanding. Keep in mind that even if you use your laptop just for work I would still recommend that you take it for some Mac laptop repairs. You wouldn’t believe how fast it runs afterwards.