My weekend off work is coming and I still haven’t made any plans for a getaway because I am so tired! Yup, I am tired, and anyone who says that getaways serve for relaxation and battery charging, probably travels with a maid all the time and has no idea what it means to wash, iron and pack clothes, travel for hours and then try not to waste the time doing nothing special. So I decided – this time I’m staying home, completely cut off the rest of the outside world and pampering myself until my batteries are fully charged.

I am not a fan of spa centres since they’re crowded most of the time and that is so not the point of a spa. When a bunch of women start entering and exiting the saunas, the showers and the massage rooms, all that becomes one wild jungle that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s clean and stress-free. So, no spa centre. Instead, I decided I am going to pamper myself in the comfort of my warm, clean and quiet home.

I should mention that I’ve been doing these ‘in-home’ spa rituals for quite some time now, and while searching for affordable ways to level up my treatment, I found something that blew my mind: a portable infrared home sauna. A sauna which you can simply put on the floor in your bedroom or large bathroom, or even on the bed! I often suffer from cramps and colds so having an access to a some kind of a sauna was a big deal for me.

infrared home sauna

The sauna works on infrared technology, heating up only the space under the dome. It doesn’t heat up the rest of the environment, which is good and allows you to place the sauna wherever you want in your home. So, once you have a goody such as an infrared home sauna in the comfort of your home, you can easily start your full body spa treatment.

Detoxify that body!

If you don’t have an in-home portable sauna, I suggest you get one. If you do, then start your treatment by getting inside the dome and sweating for about 10-15 minutes. That should be enough time to warm up your body and to start letting all the toxins out. After you’re done, take a very short cold shower, which will fasten blood circulation and give you a feeling of refreshment.

Prepare a mud mask

Give your face a deep nutritive push by preparing a mud mask. You can find plenty of recipes online, or if you don’t have the ingredients at the moment, simply get a ready-to-go mask from the store. Cover your entire face according to the instructions and let it stay that way for a while. In the meantime, prepare yourself some lemon water to further the refreshing an detoxifying effect.

Feet treatment

Your feet also need treatment. Did you know that lukewarm water with a little salt mixed in it acts as a detox mixture for feet? Plus, if you add a few drops of shower lotion or essential oil, your skin will soften and become easier to peel off.

These are just a few suggestions about how you can create your own pampering treatment at home. You can always add an extra procedure, like manicure and pedicure and nutritive hair masks. It’s a lot easier to take care of yourself in the comfort of your home instead of going to a sauna and being annoyed by the presence of so many other women.