They say photography is the story you fail to say with words. And indeed, it has the power to tell a story long forgotten or to depict a moment you hope you’ll never forget. We all love and cherish photography for its magical power to capture special moments and bring back wonderful memories. If you’re a photography lover, then you know it – for the sake of great photos you’ll be proud of, you need quality photo equipment.

Nowadays with the constant advancements in technology, photographers have many methods and options for printing and displaying their works of art. Both online and offline stores offer a wide range of printing equipment for sale, various models of printers as well as different types of printing paper. There are many important considerations including price, design, and of course quality. So having in mind all this plus the wide array of possibilities, one can easily get confused. For that reason, to help you make the right purchase, here is the essential printing equipment that every photographer should have in his studio.


Quality Photo Printer

One essential purchase when shopping for printing equipment for sale is of course the photo printer. Nowadays there are different models that have different features and come with different benefits. There are many factors that determine the quality of a printer. To achieve a vibrant and lively look for your photos, high resolution is essential. Also, the model of your choice should provide great image stability and produce clear images in vibrant colours.

Printing Paper

Having the right printing paper is of utmost importance for producing high-quality photos. Depending on your specific needs and preferences you can choose between various types of printing paper. From reflective smooth finishes, to more subtle textures, glossy paper offers many printing options and provides a wide range of hues and saturation. Matte printing paper on the other hand, comes with various surface textures but provides less vibrant colours.

Printer Inks & Cartridges

When it comes to choosing ink cartridges, there are various options to choose from. Whether you have ran out of ink or want to upgrade your photo printer, these are really an important piece of equipment that you should always have in your studio. There are various models available that come with different colour options and purposes. Thermal cartridges use a special technique where the ink is heated and then transferred on the paper. Piezoelectric models, as their name suggests, make use of a piezoelectric crystal for transfering the ink.