RovyVon is a forward-thinking brand that values originality and quality. Based in Shenzhen, China, and created by outdoor enthusiasts, they create high-quality EDC products for people all over the world to use. Their flagship Aurora ‘AX’ series is constantly expanding and comes in a variety of sizes, materials, colours, and output modes. If you’re looking for a keychain flashlight, RovyVon has you covered.

Aurora A1

aurora a1

With more capacity than before, with an improved constant current circuit, the bright and reliable Aurora A1 flashlight will surprise you with its level of efficiency. Some people like the Strobe mode, while others find it annoying, is now easily disabled by using a special activate (Triple-clicks ON).

This way, keep the function for emergency use, without being irritated in everyday use. No need to worry about feeling overwhelmed by too many modes; if the USB C rechargeable flashlight works in a mode for more than 3 minutes, it will be turned on from the memorised mode the next time.

Perhaps the most significant change is that the new Aurora A1 has a single emitter, featuring Nichia 219C LED. This ensures a higher maximum output and gives you the choice between cool white and high CRI options. The beam profile has also been improved, with a more even distribution of light.

In terms of lumen output, you can either go with a 650 or 450-lumen option, depending on the battery capacity you want. With the cool white version, you can get up to 35 minutes of runtime and with the high CRI option, it is up to 22 minutes. The RovyVon Aurora A1 also features a micro USB port for fast recharging capabilities, which is great as it allows you to go from 0 to 100% in just 1.5 hours.

All of these features are neatly packed into a compact, lightweight and durable body. Its small size makes it easy to carry while the robust construction will ensure that your flashlight withstands any environment or use. It even comes with a pocket clip and stainless steel key ring for added convenience.

A23 RovyVon

The RovyVon A23 is the keychain beam you didn’t know you needed. Choose between two popular LEDs: the CREE XP-L and the Nichia 219C. Both LEDs have advantages; for example, the CREE version produces higher lumen outputs on turbo mode alone, for a total of 1,000 lumens.

The Nichia 219C, on the other hand, has a CRI rating of 90+ for accurate colour rendering within the beam. It’s simple to get the elements you want in a convenient and smaller-than-average EDC light with the ability to customise your light.

With the A23’s built-in micro-USB port, you can charge wherever you go. With this convenient port, you can charge your phone whether you’re at home, in the office, or in your car! Furthermore, the A23 battery pack is replaceable.

Aurora A11

aurora a11

Much like the Aurora A1 flashlight, this is a limited edition keychain light that is smaller and lighter than the A4x. The A11 is available in three distinct colour schemes, each with a limited production run: Dawn in the Dark, Rainbow After the Rain, and Blue Sky. Despite its small size, it produces a high output of 650 lumens when using a CREE LED or 450 lumens when using a Nichia LED. The CREE LED is the brightest, while the Nichia LED is warm and produces the most accurate colours.

The A11 is powered by a built-in 260mAh lithium polymer battery that can be recharged using the included Micro USB cable. There are four brightness levels to choose from, as well as a strobe mode, all of which are controlled by a simple button. If you would like your torch to stand out, even more, the A11 has two tritium slots.

Aurora A3x

The newly upgraded Aurora A3x is made possible in part by the positive feedback and suggestions from the community, which RovyVon considered when updating the A3. This keychain light has an upgraded output, UI, and hidden Strobe feature and is available in two different colour and LED options. The upgraded A3x has a simplified UI that uses momentary-on, a double click for constant-on, and a single click for mode cycling, with a maximum output of 650 lumens (100 more lumens than the previous A3).

Not to mention the mode memory, which remembers the last mode used for more than 3 minutes and defaults to that mode when turned on again. Furthermore, the Strobe mode is readily available with a triple-click from any mode or off. Consider upgrading to the A3x today for better keychain light performance.

Aurora A24 Ti

The RovyVon A24 is an EDC flashlight with a titanium body that has been precision crafted. It’s stylish and ergonomic, as well as waterproof, impact, and corrosion resistant, so it can easily withstand day-to-day tasks. The A24, which is outfitted with a CREE XP-L Cool White LED, emits an incredibly bright beam with a maximum output of 1000 lumens and a moonlight mode of 1 lumen. The large metal side button is easily accessible with a gloved or bare hand. Without a complicated interface, the five different brightness settings (and two signalling modes) are easily accessible.

This little light can run on low mode for 9.5 hours thanks to a rechargeable 4.2V li-poly battery module. When your battery is completely depleted, simply plug in any standard micro USB charging cable (not included) and you’ll be fully charged in an hour! Use the strong pocket clip, included key ring, or paracord for other convenient carrying options to ensure you always have a light with you.

RovyVon GL7 Tactical Light

The new RovyVon GL7 flashlight is a lightweight flashlight designed for both everyday and tactical use. With its Luminus SST40 LED and deep smooth reflector, this light can produce 2,000 lumens and have a 280-meter throw. The GL7 has dual switches to make tactical and everyday use easier.

For momentary illumination, strobe, SOS, and high mode use the tail switch. Use the side switch with a click or click-and-hold pattern for daily use, mode cycling, and step-less dimming (ramping). For maximum user convenience, each switch employs memory mode to return to the most frequently used lumen output.