From sealing the mating edges on the soundproof mats in your car to closing the gaps between the tray and mudguards on your ute, the aluminium tape is an irreplaceable necessity on every restoration shop workbench and in every off-roader’s tool kit. That’s because when it comes to keeping out unwanted sound, air, or moisture, it’s the perfect sealant for less-than-perfect conditions.

Unlike ordinary metalized tapes, the foil-type aluminium tapes used by automotive and marine enthusiasts are durable enough to withstand extreme vibration, temperatures, and even saltwater exposure without losing any of the flexible adhesion that gives it its strength. These are high-performance qualities that make foil-type tapes stand in the world of pressure-sensitive adhesives; and if you haven’t already considered how they can help you with a full range of automotive and industrial applications, then now’s a good time to introduce yourself to them.

High-Performance Aluminium Tape for All Your Restoration and Repair Jobs


Let’s face it: no matter what kind of vehicle you own, there’s always a need to have tape handy, and high-strength aluminium foil insulation tape is the pressure-sensitive adhesive you need to have on hand for all your long-term restoration, or quick repair jobs. No other adhesive backing is as effective at sealing and joining metal, composite, and even fibrous substrates; and only foil-type tapes offer the easy forming, UV- and moisture-resistant protection that qualify them to be called high-performance consumables.

Malleability is the principal advantage of a heat-resistant aluminium foil tape adhesive. Aluminium tapes have the ability to conform and solidly adhere to substrates, and they boast a core of high-performance characteristics that include:

  • A carrier thickness of 50 microns / .05mm;
  • A temperature resistance range of -20°C to 120°C;
  • A heat-resistant, acrylic-based pressure sensitive adhesive;
  • A low vapour and moisture transmission rate; and,
  • Superior resistance to environmental, as well as chemical exposure.

With their superior light and heat reflectivity, premium-grade self-adhesive aluminium foil tape can be used just as effectively under the bonnet as it can be in the cabin. That’s because it’s the perfect, long-lasting tape for wrapping intake ducts, sealing ram air boxes, and securing the edges of underbonnet heat shields.

Premium Grade Foils That Satisfy All of Your Vehicle’s Sealing Needs

High-performance aluminium foil tape is typically sold in 10m long, 38mm wide rolls; and in addition to their premium, easy-to-shape coverage, also offer the advantage of quick, effective application. They go on without any special tools, won’t deteriorate under thermal stress, and don’t require any of the messy applications or cleanups that are common with solvent-based sealants or adhesives, making them the perfect solution for:

  • Organizing wiring harnesses and vacuum hoses;
  • Sealing unused moulding and accessory holes;
  • Preventing loose components from vibrating or falling off;
  • Covering sharp corners and edges; and,
  • Making instant repairs to damaged parts or panels.

Make no mistake: regardless of the type of vehicle you own, you won’t find a more capable barrier sealant than a high-performance aluminium foil tape with adhesive; and with their choice of black or silver backings, they’re also the best-looking tape for either full custom, or OE quality applications.

Take Advantage of What Sealing Foils Have to Offer at Home or On the Jobsite 


While vehicle restorations and repairs are the most likely reason to buy aluminium tape, these high-performance adhesives have uses that go far beyond cars, bikes, and boats. Given their strength, durability, and more importantly their heat resistant properties, aluminium tapes are especially useful for tradies and general contractors when it comes to:

  • Sealing wall insulation. With their ability to block the transmission of heat and moisture, and to adhere to practically any substrate, self-adhesive aluminium foil is the ideal choice for sealing the seams between insulation materials like fibreglass, glass wool, or reflective foil.
  • Fixing HVAC systems. Heating and cooling systems have to be completely sealed and insulated to prevent any unwanted loss of heating or cooling capacity, and aluminium foil duct tape is the best way to ensure that the joints between air ducts and vents remain closed, and are dust- and moisture-free.
  • Plumbing installations. The same vapour and moisture-resistant properties that pressure-sensitive aluminium adhesives bring to HVAC systems are even more advantageous when it comes to systems and fixtures that require impermeable backing.

The thermal stability of heat-resistant aluminium tape can even prove to be a cost saver. That’s because it’s capable of offering substantial protection for electrical components that could experience damage or failure as a result of resistance created by vibration or high temperatures.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, whether it’s in your workshop or in your glovebox, high-quality tape is an item that you always need to have available. When you’re weighing out your tape options though, there’s really only one that has all the high-performance attributes for the widest range of jobs, either on or off the road: aluminium tape.

When you need a pressure-sensitive adhesive that delivers on all fronts, high-strength aluminium foil insulation tape is the sealant you can trust to make perfectly conformed bonda every time. And once you recognize aluminium tape’s performance difference, you won’t look at other types of tape the same anymore.