We would all agree that vaping is one of the healthiest alternatives to traditional smoking. In other words, vaping can be defined as smoking with no adverse effects. Moreover, e cigarettes provide no bad breath nor bad smell, no cigarette burns, which means no more smelly and dirty ashtrays at home. Thanks to all these magnificent features, e cigarettes are allowed to be used in public places as well. Hence, the reason why e cigarettes, also known as ‘vapourizers’, have quickly become the number one vaping choice for smokers all across the globe.

E Cig Clearomizer Girl

If you are an e cig novice, you may not be familiar with certain ‘weird-sounding’ terms connected to vaping, and that is totally fine. You are just delving into the world of vaping and you have enough time to learn not just the basics of e cigarettes, but way beyond that.

As for the beginning, let’s start with the anatomy of an e cigarette. The main components of a vapourizer are:

  • Battery – the main power-source.
  • Tube – the main console of the e cigarette.
  • Cartridge – the tank where e-liquid is stored. It is not in use anymore; today’s e cig models feature cartridge and clearomizer in one.
  • Atomizer – the part that is in charge of heating up the e-liquid and creating vapour when exhaling.
  • Cartomizer – the atomizer and cartridge in one.
  • E Liquid – a water-based liquid that is infused with nicotine. In other words, this is where the real action is. The e-liquid comes in a variety of flavours.


Now that you know all the basic parts, let’s put the focus on the clearomizer, as it is one of the essential parts of the modern e cigarette. The e cig clearomizer is actually the storage tank where e-juice is kept. The clearomizer takes part of the most advanced vaping technology; the e-juice is delivered to the heating coil when vapour is created. There is an array of benefits offered by the e cig clearomizer, so let’s take a look at the most significant ones.

  • No polyfill-material presence, resulting in more natural flavour and better tasting offered by the vapourizer.
  • The clear, transparent tank of the clearomizer gives users the opportunity to monitor the amount of e-juice left.
  • An e cigarette that comes with a clearomizer can be used for longer period of time (more than once).
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Although the e cig clearomizer is relatively new to the vaping audience, latest models of vapourizers that feature this special component are in fact the favourite vaping option of many.