Engine Oil

The age-old question how to choose the right engine oil for the motorcycle doesn’t seem to have an easy answer. If you ask five different guys a question about oil you’ll likely get ten different answers, all containing some kind of fact on why this oil is better than the other. If you want your motorcycle to function smoothly, you’ll need to deepen your understanding of the engine oils you’re going to use for it.

Engine oils are the liquids that reduce friction and wear between moving parts within an engine but that also serve as a coolant. They also offer protection against oxidation especially when the engine sits for an extended period of time. There are three types of engine oils: mineral oils, semi – synthetic oils and fully synthetic oils.

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Mineral Oils

Before the development of the oil technology, they made oils out of petroleum products or byproducts. This type of oil is most suitable for the older motorcycles because it’s heavier and doesn’t leak. Many who have changed their oil form mineral to synthetic in older bikes have experienced leaking. They are also very good for small capacity engines that don’t put a lot of pressure on oils. Mineral oils are recommended for the new bikes that are still run – in because they protect the engine. These oils are not expensive but they don’t last for a long number of kilometers, so if you think of going on a long trip, forget about mineral and switch to synthetic.

Semi – synthetic Oils

These oils are the perfect balance between mineral and fully synthetic oils. They are best for low capacity engines that are powerful enough but don’t work under a lot of stress. Semi – synthetic oils, which are also called blends, are designed to have the many benefits of the fully synthetic oils like the extended lubricant life, but are generally cheaper.

Fully Synthetic Oils

Synthetic oil has been around since World War II and it seems that even in those days the mineral oil didn’t work for many machines so the scientists had to work on a new type of oil that will be a perfect match for the engines that were new back then. They are 100% factory made and don’t contain natural elements. They are more expensive than mineral or semi-synthetic oils, but will do a better job for your motorcycle, especially if it’s a high performance motorcycle. Synthetic oil tends to be more stable, it offers better fuel and lubrication and definitely lasts longer than the other two types of oils, which means you won’t need to change it so often. This oil is especially recommended if the motorcycle has driven a great number of kilometers on the odometer.

So, how much do you value your motorcycle’s engine? The longevity of your engine depends on the type of engine oils you’ll choose and how many times you’ll change them. Although people normally think oil is oil, that’s not entirely true. It’s important to study your motorcycle as much as you can before you choose the right engine oil for it. If you, however, can’t find a solution by yourself, you always have the mechanic at your disposal to advise you and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different oils for your own motorcycle. Bottom line is engine oil is important and if you want your motorcycle to last for many years, choose the right one and you won’t have to worry about a thing.