Riesling is one of the most fantastic wine varietals. The greatest thing about this wine is that it is very easy to pair with almost any food. It is light, crisp and one of the best bargains on restaurant wine lists. You can also find amazing deals on this wine style if you buy Riesling wine online.

Rated as one of the three most popular white wine varietals, Riesling is grown in wine regions all over the world including Germany, Austria, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada and United States. The Riesling grape is an aromatic variety with flowery aromas and high acidity, what makes it the most versatile and food-friendly white wine.

Riesling Tastes


Riesling wines can be made in a variety of styles, aromas and flavour profiles. From attractively sweet to bone dry in taste, from flowery and ripe peaches to tropical fruits and mineral stone fragrances, Riesling wines can with time, acquire an orange or petrol oil note that can be very delightful.

Because of its perfect balance of sugar and acidity, Riesling wine can be paired with a vast range of food, ranging from white fish or pork to even stronger flavours and spices of Chinese and Thai cuisine. Riesling wine is perfect when served chilled.

Riesling Wine & Food


Due to its versatility, Riesling wine can be paired with some of the most incredible food combinations. Below is a table with some of the classic pairings and some bolder suggestions.

Riesling Style

Classic Pairings

Bolder Suggestions.


Veal, pork, chops, seafood, pasta, goat cheese, sushi.

Soft shell crab, cold cuts.


BBQ chicken, crab cakes, soft rind cheeses, sashimi and fish with beurre blanc.

Clam chowder, falafel, samosas and savory souffles.


Spicy fare ( Mexican, Thai, Indian and Middle Eastern), Gorgonzola/blue cheeses.

Cajun shrimp, curries and Caribbean cuisine.


Crème brulee, ice cream, fruit tarts and foie gras

Rice puddings, flans and blue cheeses.

Where To Buy Riesling Wine

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