bamboo bed sheets1As one of the most sustainable natural resources in the world, bamboo is taking over the manufacturing industry. From textiles and flooring to skin care and kitchen utensils, this versatile material can be used in the production of a many different products. Bamboo is a grass plant that grows very fast and is highly resistant to pest attacks. This means that unlike other commercial plants, like cotton for instance, which have to be sprayed with all sorts of pesticides and chemicals to prevent pest damage, the durable bamboo crop is grown without the use of harmful chemicals. Furthermore, when you consider the fact that many bamboo plant species often need just one day to reach a height of one metre, while cotton crops grow at a significantly slower rate, it becomes clear why bamboo is considered one of the most abundant and renewable materials.

In addition to being eco-friendly and very sustainable, this amazing grass plant contains a distinctive antimicrobial agent known as bamboo kun that has the ability to naturally destroy bacteria. It gives bamboo its natural antibacterial properties, thus making it the ideal material for making hypoallergenic bedding that is safe to use and doesn’t trigger allergies. While cotton, as one of the most sprayed crops in the world, can contain traces of pesticides and other chemicals that can irritate the skin, bamboo bed sheets are gentle on the skin and don’t contain chemicals that can cause irritation. Their soft texture and antibacterial features are the main features that make bamboo bed sheets the ideal choice for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. In fact, anyone who wants to create a cosy and healthy sleep environment, where common allergens like dust mites and bed bugs can’t thrive, should opt for bamboo bedding.

bamboo bed sheets2

While the ability of bamboo to naturally kill off bacteria and other microbes makes it a very clean and safe material, the main reason why people decided to dress up their bed with bamboo bedding is its amazing thermoregulating feature. The flexible bamboo fibres have the ability to expand in warm environments, thus allowing the skin to breathe and keeping you cool during those hot summer nights. In winter when the sleeping enthronement gets colder, the bamboo fibres contract to retain more heat in your bed, thus keeping you warm and cosy, even when the temperature outside has dropped considerably. Another great thing about bamboo is its ability to wick away moisture quickly. In fact, it’s a lot more absorbent than other bedding materials such as cotton and linen. Furthermore, it dries quickly and it’s very easy to clean, which means it will enhance the comfort and beauty of your bed for years to come.