No two homes are even remotely alike, unless you believe there are parallel universes. Our homes represent us as individuals, made according to our tastes and fit with pieces we love and appliances we need. But regardless if it’s a small flat or a large mansion, owning a home means being charged with the 24/7 responsibility of repairing and maintaining it. And since the home won’t remain new forever, problems that need solving will eventually arise. In those moments these basic tools can help you make a quick fix.


Set of Screwdrivers

Screws are all around us, in our chairs, tables, remote controls, mounting our mirrors and frames, and in many other places we usually don’t notice them. Even if one tiny screw gets loose, the whole thing can get out of balance. Before you risk breaking your neck from sitting on a wobbly chair, you need to fasten it fast. As there are different sizes of screwdrivers, a whole set can make you prepared for any loose screw you may encounter. Besides the size, the type of screwdriver also matters. Look for a set equipped for the many different shapes of screws like Y, star, cross, circle and torx.

Claw Hammer

Hammers are versatile tools that can be used for many jobs in and out of the home. And of course, no toolbox is complete without a good hammer. A claw hammer with one end you can use to drive nails in and the other to pull nails out of a wall or wood can help you in DIY woodworking projects or hanging things around your home. Pick one that has a vinyl, plastic or rubber handle which can absorb shocks better and offer you better grip. Having proper dexterity is important with this tool.

Adjustable Wrench

It’s normal that you would call a professional to deal with any plumbing difficulties. But sometimes the problem is so small that an intervention can be really unnecessary and not to mention expensive. With an adjustable wrench that you can use to tighten or loosen different plumbing fixtures you can easily fix the thing that’s been preventing the proper flow of water. And because it’s adjustable, this tool can also be used for tightening or loosening various nuts and bolts around the house.


No more crookedly hung picture frames! With a level you can hang or install anything on your walls in a horizontally perfect position. For installing a flat-screen TV or fitting some kitchen shelves, a hands-free device such as a laser level can be your best friend. Although mostly used by surveyors and engineers, today there are many simpler models of laser levels on the market that make these tools affordable even for the average homeowner.