If your business has to do with storing large amount of food and keeping it as fresh as possible, then the most important purchase you will have to make is buy a proper refrigeration system. If you require more than eight feet of cold storage space, then a walk in cold room is the best option for you. Walk in cold rooms allow you to conveniently store large amounts of food, which can end up costing you a lot less in the long run than having multiple units. That being said, if you are considering purchasing a cold room, here are the important factors you need to take into consideration before purchasing.

Cold Room For Sale

Type of Food

The type of food you plan on storing will determine the type of cold room you need to get. If you are going to primarily store frozen foods, then a walk in freezer is the option for you. If however you’re not sure yet, I suggest finding a cold room for sale that offers both – a combination of freezer and refrigerator cold room. If you need to serve fresh food daily, say for a school for example, then getting a walk in freezer would be much more suitable.


A frequently overlooked factor when purchasing a cold room is the delivery schedule. However, it’s an essential part of finding the right cold room. How often you receive deliveries will determine how big your cold room needs to be. If you have a regular delivery schedule, then a small cold room will do the trick. If however you have large deliveries with an inconsistent schedule, you need to find a cold room for sale that is larger and can accommodate more products. However, even if your schedule runs like clock work, a bigger cold room is always better in the long run.


Finding the right location for your cold room is very important as it will dictate how efficiently your products will be transferred from the cold room to the prep area. If you have your prep rooms already set up, then you need to find the most efficient location in correlation to your prep location. This will ensure that your business is running as efficiently as possible. If you are setting up from scratch, then it is a smart move to take advantage of that and position your cold room as close as possible to your prep areas.