Recently, Toyota Material Handling introduced its newest series of versatile reach trucks. The BT Reflex O-Series reach trucks are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, as they have a greater ground clearance of 145 mm. With such ground clearance, the new Toyota reach truck models can efficiently operate on loose surfaces, rugged surfaces or even warm surfaces, for example to service outdoor racking or to unload trailers. Also, they are ideal for construction applications, dairy or farm producers and warehouse operators.


The BT Reflex O-Series create a completely new dimension of the reach trucks. By combining the space-saving benefit and the ability to operate in both indoor and outdoor environments, these reach trucks are definitely the most versatile and flexible forklifts that can be found on the market. The new Toyota reach truck models are equipped with the innovative Transitional Lift Control system, which ensures a safe, smooth, shock-free lifting and lowering of the forks, even at their maximum travel speed of 11 km/h.

With a maximum load capacity of 1600 kg and maximum lift height of 7500 mm, the Toyota reach truck models from this series are designed to be used for a range of applications. Their flexibility helps the operators to increase their productivity and to reduce the operating costs by using one machine for different tasks. The superior lifting and handling performance is what makes every Toyota reach truck to be a number one choice for many operators. Their concept is based on the proven BT Reflex R-Series, with adapted configuration for more effective outdoor works.

The Toyota BT Reflex O-Series reach trucks are available in three different weather protection options to suit different outdoor environments. The first option includes polycarbonate windows on the overhead guard, to protect the operators from upper traits. The second option includes polycarbonate windows on one or more sides of the operator’s cabin, to ensure protection from all sides. And the third weather protection option is door and cabin heater. Regardless of the different weather and environment conditions, the Toyota reach truck models from this series can deliver superior results on the job site.

Operators who need a versatile solution should definitely try the Toyota BT Reflex O-Series reach trucks. By choosing these machine, the operators are choosing versatility, durability, high quality and reliability.