Summer fun in the sun, what’s not to like? I know, Australian summers can be hell on earth, but this isn’t a reason not to love them. Besides, there’s always the chance to cool off by a nice swim in the ocean and have an adrenaline rush by trying out something new and extreme, such as wakeboarding. It’s the sport that appeared about three decades ago, as a result of the merging of other water sports, specifically surfing and waterskiing.

Same as with skateboarding, it was in fact surfers who started up the trend when they used to spice up surfing by being towed with a ski rope. If you haven’t yet had your share of this kind of water adventure, you could start out by practising with surfing and skateboarding, so you master balance. However, to be able to avoid injury and do it properly, you should consider getting the adequate equipment. When it comes to wakeboard Jobe is the brand that stands out because of the ingenious designs.


The name was coined thanks to the wake for doing tricks and manoeuvres once the towing starts either by a boat or jet-ski and the great thing about it is you can do these tricks anywhere where there’s enough room, be it river, lake or sea. When buying a wakeboard Jobe it’s important to consider the kind of wakeboarding you’re up for since there’s a difference. If you’re up for cruising the wake without hitting objects then it’s wakeboard with fins what you should be after.

Another important equipment bit are the boots that are supposed to be flexible enough, especially at the heels and ankles, for all the movements while providing the necessary support and comfort through ergonomic properties. Don’t forget the helmet and wetsuit too for utmost protection, as well as an impact vest to help you stay afloat at all times. For beginners it’s advisable to wear something for more buoyancy. Once you’ve got the needed equipment, consider whether it’s a boat or jet-ski you want to be towed by and make sure you’ve got the right posture.

Start out by bending your knees to your chest and stretch out the arms in front with a full grip on the handle and then slowly raise up to find the perfect balance and let the cruising begin. Don’t be afraid to try out a few tricks as soon as you’ve mastered the balance since this is where all the fun is. Also, learn a few terms, such as regular and goofy wakeboarder: regular means you place your left foot forward, whereas goofy means it’s the right one. As soon as you get the courage for this extreme sport, it would turn into your passion and it won’t be long before you start experimenting with riding switch (using your non-natural foot forward) and jumping over objects.