When it comes to choosing a calculator brand, Calculated Industries is the undisputed leader in terms of quality, functionality and reliability. The company has been established in Orange Country, California in 1978, but it was relocated to Carson City, Nevada in 1994. Calculated Industries specializes in manufacturing construction, industrial, specialty calculators and other digital measuring tools. With experience of over 30 years, the company stands as for dependability, delivering products to help professionals work more accurately, better and faster.

Since company’s first calculator, Loan Arranger, the calculator sales of the company have been very high. The Loan Arranger was a simple and easy to use calculator for calculating loan amortization and was greatly used in the real estate industry. After the success of Loan Arranger, the company has designed, manufactured and introduced specialty calculators for carpenters, financial planner, contractors, educators, electricians, machinists, radio and television broadcast professional, etc. One of the most popular calculators by Calculated Industries is the remarkable tradesman calculator.


Tradesman Calc is a type of calculator especially designed for trades tasks, either teaching technical trade math or for professional use. The tradesman calculator is most commonly used in metal fabrication, engineering, welding, aviation, drafting, automotive service technology and in any trade task that requires applied math skills. It helps people working in any math-oriented trades and for students in need of an easy-to-use calculator with applied math functions.

Whether tradesmen or students need to calculate dimensional math, unit conversions, fractions, proportions, ratios and plane geometry, Tradesman Calc can help. It can work in and convert between all sorts of fractions, such as proper fractions, improper fractions, architectural fractions, etc. In addition to all these capabilities, the tradesman calculator is suited for calculating many different powerful math functions and for work with square roots, reciprocals, exponents and others. Additionally, it can use both US and metric dimensional math units and convert between: feet-inch-fractions, yards, meters, centimeters, pounds, tons, grams, kilograms, metric tons, board feet, dry ounces, decimal inches.

Learning how to use the tradesman calculator is easy. Instructions are available in the reference guide that comes with the calculator. This means that it is the perfect solution for instructors helping students in math career and technical education programs to grow in terms of developing their practical math skills.