Intro Into E Cigarette Atomizer

An e-cigarette consists of four main parts: battery, atomizer, cartridge and e-liquid. The e cigarette atomizer is the vital part of the e-cigarette that creates the flavoured vapor through the heating of the liquid. It is directly connected to the battery that powers it and with the e-liquid container that the atomizer heats. In fact, it is the atomizer the part that has the most influence on the flavour of the vapor.

Types of E Cigarette Atomizers

There are several different types of e cigarette atomizers, which are classified according to more criteria, among which the most notable are:

  • Level Of Vaping Difficulty;
  • Vapor Production;
  • Flavour Production;
  • Number Of Parts;
  • Long Term Cost-Efficiency.


Disposable E Cigarette Atomizer

This is the most popular e cigarette atomizer among the beginners in vaping. It usually comes with every e-cigarette starter kit. Main advantage of this type of atomizers is the low cost and wide availability. You can use the disposable atomizer until it gets damaged. Also, when you notice that it is becoming more difficult to draw air through it, it is probably a sign that you should replace it. The only downside of the disposable atomizers is that they cannot be easily adjusted to different flavours. The disposable atomizer is not a good option for you if you change the flavours of the e-liquid quite often, because it will cost you more than to buy a non-disposable atomizer with more advanced features.

Atomizer With Replaceable Coil Head

The atomizers with replaceable coil head cost more than the disposable ones but there are more cost-efficient in the long run. Also, they have more advantages in terms of function and end result. Namely, the e cigarette atomizer has better airflow control valves and pyrex glass tubes. These two advanced features contribute to better flavour and vapor. The only part that you need to replace in this atomizer is the coil head, while you can wash the rest of it with water. With the use of the atomizer with replaceable coil heat the frequent change of the e-liquid flavour is not a matter of concern as long as you wash it with water before the change of the flavour. This is probably the main reason why this e cigarette atomizer is the most commonly used type.

Rebuildable E Cigarette Atomizer

This type of e cigarette atomizer is known for producing the best vapor and flavour. This atomizer is really easy to rebuild and use, however, it is the most expensive, but the experienced vaping fans say it is worth the price. The higher price shouldn’t stop you from buying a rebuildable e cigarette atomizer because with good care you can use it for longer than the other types of atomizers. After all, it is not the price that matters the most, it is the greatest vaping experience that does!