A motor grader is a heavy machinery used for excavation tasks and precision finishing on flat surfaces. Graders are available in many different forms and sizes, and can be used for a number of construction jobs as well. However, the graders are most commonly used for roadworks.


The graders are essential part of the equipment that is used for new road construction projects, and also for maintenance of unpaved roads. On the construction sites, the graders smooth the surface and also make the surface flat so that foundation can be laid down. They are also used as tools for cutting and removing old asphalt surfaces. Furthermore, some graders are included in the equipment that is used for base preparation. Graders can lay down hot or cold mix of asphalt and can fill ruts. For road maintenance projects, the graders are responsible for removing rocks, and in areas of rock-slides. Unpaved roads also need to be frequently smoothed over as they tend to become rutted as a result of tough weather conditions.

The motor graders are equipped with a blade, which is known as “grader”, placed between the front and rear wheels. It can be extended from both sides of the grader, and the ends can be raised and lowered depending on the application. The blade can be controlled either mechanically or hydraulically and it is operated through a set of gears located in the grader cabin.

A variety of attachments make the motor graders to be versatile machines, capable to perform a variety of applications, such as: digging shallow holes, cleaning debris and brush, snow removal etc. Thanks to new and innovative technologies, the graders today can be also used for more delicate works, such as to set native soil for foundation pads. Most motor graders that can be found on the market offer similar features, like: lifetime frame warranty, twin-gear, care cab, transmission speed, easy maintenance, etc.

The motor graders are very popular machines among the large construction companies. This is because they provide reliable service, durability, great performance, increased safety, high productivity, and also because they are designed with parts which can be easily repaired or changed. For more information visit your local machinery equipment dealer.