A variety of farming machines are used for perform different jobs out on the field. Their purpose is to make the farmers work easier and less intensive. For example, instead of harvesting grain by hand, you can use a wheeled machine with a sharp blade for a continuous swath, or maybe threshing machines to separate the seeds from the heads and stalks.

Since the first farming machine was introduced on the market, a lot of improvements came along. Today, the farmers enjoy the benefits which are provided by the new and innovative farming machines and attachments. Thanks to the technological advancements, the farmers today can use state of art farming machines and equipment which helps them a lot for completing the farming tasks more easily and efficiently. Since the invention of the internal combustion engine in the 19th century, the most popular and widely used farming machines are the following ones:


Tractors – The tractor is the main farming machine that can be found on every farm all around the world. It is a machine that is capable to accomplish different tasks on the farm, such as pulling equipment and transporting materials from one location to another. A variety of tractor attachments are available on the market. The tractor attachments enable the tractor to be used for many tasks on the farm. In fact, the tractor attachments make the tractors to be extremely versatile machines, capable to be used even for jobs like digging, cutting, etc. Some of the most common tractor attachments are: backhoes, blades, buckets, bush hogs, harrows and hole drillers. These tractor attachments can transform the tractor into a multipurpose vehicle.

Plow – It is one of the earliest farming tools, used to prepare the field for planting crops. It is generally used to clean the surface from unwanted vegetation and to deter weeds. Modern plows can be used as tractor attachments.

Seeders – The seeders are used to plant seed in the ground. Many types are available on the market, ranging for small and simple to huge air seeders. Some can even spread seed and fertilizer at the same time.

Combines – Usually the most expensive piece of farming equipment and also the most important farming machine. It is used to harvest crops. It perform three functions: reaping (cut the plant), threshing (separate edible parts) and winnowing (separates light chaff from grain) the crop.

Different farming machines and equipment can be found on the market. You can visit a specialized local dealer to find a farming machine that will suit your needs. Increased productivity and better results can be achieved by using reliable and versatile farming machines, equipment and accessories like tractors attachments.