Today, innovative lifting and material handling machines are used heavily for commercial and industrial activities. These machines use advanced technology, and are capable to respond to different needs in the industry with high quality lifting and material handling solutions. They are used not only to reduce the manual effort, but also to increase the material value. Different types of lifting and material handling equipment is available on the market, and some of the most commonly used machines are the following ones:

Conveyors: This is a mechanical handling equipment, used to move materials from one location to another. This system is designed for quick and efficient transportation of materials, and it is commonly used in packaging industries.

Forklift Truck: This is a truck model specifically designed for handling operations. A forklift truck is used for lifting and moving heavy and large loads quickly and efficiently. Different forklift truck models are available, ranging from electric to engine-operated. Although used for different applications, every forklift truck comes with similar configuration and specification.

Pallet Trucks: Like the forklift truck, the pallet truck is designed for material handing applications, such as: transportation, order picking, loading/unloading, and also for stacking goods. Different types of pallet trucks are available on the market, like: stainless steel pallets and electric pallet trucks. Every pallet truck is used for specific application. Both pallet truck and forklift truck can be found in every warehouse.

Bucket Elevators: The bucket elevators are used to drag easily flow materials such as grains. They are consisted of buckets which are used for carrying materials, belts for moving the buckets to the required location, and electric engine.

Powered Stackers: A battery operated ladder that can be easily raised and lowered as well. It is used to reach materials that are placed on high locations.

Automated Guided Vehicles: A robotic machine which moves on demarcated lines on the floor. It uses a technology that has transformed the material handling operation, since it offers increased flexibility. Advantages such as safety while transporting materials and the fact that you can add more than one route to the system, are the main reasons why the automated guided vehicle is being used extensively.