If you are running a warehouse or production facility, you surely know the benefits of using forklifts. These compact material handling machines are highly effective and are used for lifting and moving a variety of loads and materials from one place to another. There are different forklift models on the market, and each model comes with specific configuration and specifications. With so many forklift manufacturers on the market for material handling machines, choosing the right model for your warehouse can be a difficult task. According to many surveys and large number of satisfied customers, one of the most reputable brands for forklifts is Komatsu.


The best way to ensure increased productivity and higher profits is to buy a forklift from Komatsu. As one of the most reliable manufacturers of forklifts, you can be sure that you are getting a lifting machine composed of durable and high-quality parts. The industry leading design of the Komatsu forklifts has been the answer to the most demanding applications. Since the first Komatsu forklift which was produced in the 1920s, the company has been focused on designing the finest and most efficient forklifts in the world. Known for constant innovations, Komatsu was the first company to design and introduce a hybrid electric forklift with an ultra-capacitor technology.

Komatsu designs heavy-duty and compact material handling machines which can be used for many warehouse operations. With accurate engineering forklift standards for quality, Komatsu offers state-of-art forklifts that can only complete the toughest handling applications and also guarantee a long service life. In addition to the internal standards, the computer-aided design helps the Komatsu forklifts to meet the latest ISO standards. The latest Komatsu forklifts are made to provide operator’s comfort , while maintaining an optimal productivity at low operating costs.

To ensure a proper and efficient operation, Komatsu includes only proven, durable and heavy-duty components in each forklift. Furthermore, the Komatsu dealers over the world dispose with a whole range of genuine Komatsu parts. To keep your forklift in perfect working condition, you need to use only genuine parts from Komatsu. However, the main parts of the Komatsu forklifts, such as the engine, forks, operator’s seat, tilt cylinder, mast and wheels are designed to withstand heavy and extensive usage.

For a proper operation, a customized maintenance program is provided for all Komatsu forklifts to cut down the repair or replacement costs and to improve the up-time. The planned or preventive maintenance can certainly turn your variable service costs into easily predictable costs. By choosing Komatsu forklifts, you are choosing reliable and durable machines which can help you complete the most demanding applications.