A scraper is a versatile, efficient and economical dirt mover. It is designed to scrap and remove dirt, gravel or any other kind of solid material from the surface. Today, the scrapers are used for a many different applications. The original scrapers were very different from the scrapers available today. The first scrapers were drawn by horses, and today they are attached to tractors. The towed scrapers were the first earth-moving machinery invented. The first modern and practical towed scraper was designed in 1923 by Robert LeTourneau.

Introduction to Scrapers - Part 1

Before the hydraulic systems were invented, the towed scrapers designed by Robert LeTourneau were attached to tractors with cables. The great development of the scrapers began at the end of the 1940s, when more than 30 scraper manufacturers emerged on the market in USA. These towed scrapers were popular and heavily used until the motor scrapers hit the market in the 1970s. Today, many operators prefer scrapers over other heavy-duty machines and find many new scraper uses.

What Is So Special About The Scrapers?

The scrapers are different from all other heavy-duty machines. There are some operations that can be only performed by the scrapers, plus their operation is inexpensive. The owning and the operation costs are lower, which are about 40% lower when compared with other machines. What makes them unique is their capability to carry, excavate and level. Today, there are many different types of scrapers, and they all have their own positive and negative sides. Some of the most popular scrapers are the self-propelled scrapers. The self-propelled scrapers do not require a transportation vehicle, such as tractor, and are capable to operate in various environments.

The pull-style scrapers are described as the most versatile scrapers on the market. They can be used for all kinds of operations in different environments. However, they are not suitable for operations on job sites that contain large aggregates, because most pull-style scrapers do not have options for rocky conditions. John Deere is a manufacturer that offers scrapers for rocky surfaces.