Whether you are planning to buy or sell a house, an Asbestos home inspection is a must. If buyers spot possible asbestos in the heating duct, your offer is off the table. Many ignore the problem with asbestos, and create bigger problems in future. This mineral fiber can be found in many construction materials and products used in the heating systems, ceilings, vinyl floors, since it acts as the best insulator known on the market. However, it is said that breathing high level of asbestos increases the risk of lung cancer. Due to that, manufacturers these days tend to create materials that do not contain asbestos, but if you think that your home still has asbestos, call a professional asbestos home inspection to get a peace of mind.


Even though houses and workplaces are not made with asbestos materials, we can still trace this harmful material in houses built before 1985. Thus, if you are looking to buy a house get professional asbestos audit services to inspect for possible asbestos exposure risks. To do all that, you need to have a policy for asbestos management, in order to carry out certain inspection. Depending where you want this inspection done, you can check several asbestos audit services:

  • Management Audits – that’s the standard inspection for buildings and workplaces that might contain asbestos.
  • Pre-Demolition and Refurbishment Audits – Call a professional asbestos home inspection if you plan to demolish or refurbish homes or buildings.
  • Asbestos Re-Inspection – If the asbestos materials used in your home are in good conditions, then you are fine. But you need to inspect the condition every now and then. In case if you don’t want to remove the asbestos material, have a professional asbestos audit inspector reinspect the property every 5 years.

Contact a reliable asbestos home inspection company to properly check your home heating system, interior plumbing, electrical systems, ceilings, walls and insulation, and to see whether the asbestos materials are in good shape or have deteriorated over time. After you receive a thorough report, you can decide whether to cover the material with a protective layer or get it removed. Before doing any of these, make sure you hire a good asbestos home inspection company that has the experience and the equipment to successfully complete the asbestos audit.