Not sure whether you’ll have the strength to squeeze a workout session in your already action packed day? Or, feeling so down and thinking about hitting the hay rather than the gym that you are willing to mess up your workout schedule? I can totally relate, we’ve all been there. At least those who were unfamiliar with the great effects of supplementation to their workout performance. That’s right, pre workout supplements are not only for the “pumped” men that you see flexing in the gym and grounting like wild animals. Oh well, men. Ladies, time to get out of the dark, get moving and destroy your workout. Introducing the female supplements pre workout power boosters.supplements pre workout

Whey Protein

The major feature of whey is its easy digestibility as once it is in the body, it quickly breaks down and sends its aminos to the muscle tissue. Protein powder is extremely beneficial for achieving your fitness goal as there are certain times of the day (in the morning, before and after working out) when lean whole food proteins are digested too slowly than you need them to, thus, are not that effective for your goal. However, whey does not deliver just protein – it also has peptides which are actually protein fragments that are known to help increase the blood flow to muscles, which is very helpful before working out. It is certainly among the most popular supplements pre workout doses enjoyed by fitness enthusiasts.

Nitric Oxide (NO) Boosters

These are the staple for athletes and bodybuilders. Their primary function is increasing the blood flow which enhances the nutrient and oxygen delivery to your muscles. This means greater energy production so that you’re able to train harder and longer, as well as a faster muscle recovery after working out. Additionally, NO support lipolysis, which is the release of fat from the fat cells of the body, allowing the fat to be burned as a fuel. When buying, look for products which contain ingredients like citrulline, Pycnogenol, arginine or GPLC. Take one dose of a Nitric Oxide boosting supplement about 30-60 minutes before working out.


Beside perking you up and improving your focus, coffee – the world’s most popular stimulant drug, has been proven to also boost muscle strength, intensity of workouts as well as fat loss while sweating buckets at the gym. It works exceptionally well when taken together with a green tea extract which boosts the metabolic rate – the way the body burns fat in the bloodstream. Taking this combination of supplements is just the right thing to do to ensure the fat that caffeine has released will be burned and used as energy.