Today, wearing ear piercings on unusual locations on the ear is the new normal. Teens and young adults have embraced ear piercing (along with tattooing) as a way to self-expression. Celebrities and athletes are known for adorning their ears with all types of different ear piercings, but since they are known as public figures, the audience expects that of them (kind of). But what about students or normal teenagers and contemporary adolescents? Is self-expression their only reason to get their ears pierced?

Ear piercings

Our ancestors used to pierce their ears or tattoo some parts of their bodies with completely different purposes than today’s, yet there’s a link between them. In ancient times, tribes used to pierce their ears or tattoo a specific body part in order to make themselves distinguishable from other tribes. Today, people are getting cool ear piercings anywhere on their ears just so they can be a stand out in the crowd. Basically, the purpose why people want to get ear piercings has always been the same.

Despite making people unique, different types of ear piercings can be used as a way to introduce your personality to other people. From personality to personal style, ear piercings are a perfect way to reflect a little bit of ourselves on the surface of our ears. Everyone has a different reason to get an ear piercing done, which is the very reason why the piercing becomes a special part of who we are.

While there are many who, if asked “why did you get your ear piercing done”, would answer that it is only because they want to see themselves different from the others, there are many others who would tell you what part of their personality they wanted to express with the little piece of jewelry on their ear. With a wide selection of ear piercing types, it is easy to choose a pair of piercings that will reveal a part of your personality to the world.

If you want to express your inner rebel, then cartilage piercing is your choice. Cartilage piercing is an old concept of ear piercings that has been widely used by our ancestors and it’s still among the most popular ear piercing types. Helix, tragus, industrial, rook, conch, snug and daith piercing, there are many different cartilage piercing types to suit anyone’s rebellious spirit. No matter of the earring style or how small or big it is, the cartilage piercing catches anyone’s eye either way.

However, you don’t have to pierce your cartilage just so you let your piercings introduce your personality. Whether you’re afraid of getting cartilage piercing or you simply don’t like it, there is another way to do the trick. Just combine a few similar pieces with one another to add style and express what you want to. For example, if you want to express your passion towards the cosmos, create a cosmic look by putting a tiny, lovely moon stud on one of your ear lobe holes and big dipper constellation earrings on the other one.