Nowadays, it is almost impossible to see someone from the emergency and military services, or a hunter, or a hiker who doesn’t carry a Nightcore flashlight with them during their duties or activities. That is because Nightcore is one of the most reliable brands of flashlights in the world that provides a wide range of efficient and durable flashlights as well as charges for tactical operations, outdoor sports, industrial utilities, etc.

If you too are interested in buying Nightcore flashlights, below is a review of MH25 and 2 other models I’ve been using for a while and highly recommend.

I will start with Nightcore MH25 hunting kit. It comes with a flashlight, a Li-ion battery, a red and green filter, an USB cable for you to charge the battery in the unit, a rail mount and switch for weapon mounting, spare switch, lanyard, holster, and clip. All these parts are packed in a hardshell case that you can also use as a small handgun case.

Nightcore Flashlights

When you put the flashlight in ‘turbo’ mode, it goes straight to 860 lumens and then lowers it after a couple of minutes to conserve the batteries. This can be used in threats or spotlighting game, or to disorient an opponent. The unit is well built and tough, but its controls require a bit of practice to be handle with ease. If you have some experience with modern tactical light controls, this should not be a problem for you.

Next, I will talk about the SRT7 flashlight. With 960 lumens, this flashlight offers a lot of light, which is quite useful when unloading or setting up in the dark. Understand that for tactical purposes this light can be pretty uncomfortable. This light comes with a rescue strobe, dials through flashing red/blue LED setting designed for police and emergencies use, and blue, green, and red LED’s for night, aircraft or maritime illumination or signalising. Battery life and toughness are pretty good. The downside of this flashlight is that it is a bit large, but still compact enough for a gun or tool belt or a tool box.

Last, comes the Nightcore Intellicharger i4. What I really like about this model is that it doesn’t require batteries to be charged in pairs. It allows different types of batteries or single ones to be charged all at once. It can charge Ni-Cd, Li-on, NiMH, and a variety of sizes and types up to C. All you have to do to charge your batteries is stick them into the charger.

Nightcore offers lights that range from 12 lumens to 3,500 lumens in a range of compact sized. In addition to high quality Nightcore flashlights, you will also be able to find a variety of high-end accessories available online and in local stores. I highly encourage you to try Nightcore range of products.