When you come to the point of selling your old house and buying a new one, you know you’ve done it: you’re no longer bothered by nostalgia for the old days when you so carelessly enjoyed your parent’s cosy home. However, in the midst of all that euphoria, happiness and pride of yourself, starts to grow the thought that reminds you how hard it actually is to move. And after some time, that thought turns into a panic mode, taking off the happy goggles from your eyes and facing the harsh reality: you have way too much stuff and nowhere to put them until you move into your new place.

Even if you perform the move the smart way, that still doesn’t solve your problem. If for example, you have about 1 month before you can enter your new house, and a few days to leave the old one, where would you put all the furniture, kitchen appliances, clothes and other stuff? I believe you won’t burden your parents with this, because if you do, there goes your pride and self-acknowledgements about you being completely independent.

Moving Family

Since you started the smart way, let’s solve this issue the same way. When you hire removal services, ask if they offer short term storage options. Short term storage usually means providing storage space for 1-3 months for your belongings such as furniture, appliances and other stuff. Companies take complete care of the matter; many of them have the place under 24h security and give you your own pin number for easy access at any time of the day or night. If you decide to go with the short term storage option, do a little preparing upfront.

Decide What Needs to Be Thrown Away and What Needs to Be Stored

This is a chance for you to completely clean your house from unnecessary garbage. Things get worn out, broken and old, which means they need to go to the garbage. Classify your stuff in two groups: things that need to go away and things that need to stay and be stored and wait for moving.

Get the Right Storage Quote

Make sure you aren’t overpaying for your storage. Ask your chosen company to give you an estimate of how much would storage for the requested time cost.

Will You Do the Packing or Let the Removalists Do It?

If you decide to do the packing, make sure you get the proper items like tape and boxes. Also, mark the boxes with everything that’s in them so you don’t go crazy afterwards. However, have in mind that removalists would do the packing probably a lot more efficient as they’re trained to do that. Plus, they have a lot more quality products like boxes and tapes.

The final stage is delivering your stuff to your new home after the time is over. Then, all that is left for you is to unpack, get all comfy and settled and just enjoy in your new, de-cluttered, refreshed home without feeling exhausted a week after the move.