Did you know that Toyota Corolla is the best selling car? Even the older Toyota models can still be seen on the road even though some of them were manufactured over 20 years ago. This speaks volumes about the quality of the cars that Toyota produces. Even their off-road vehicles like the Landcruiser and the Hilox are extremely popular and top contenders for the best off-road vehicles in the world.

One of the main things that makes them so ubiquitous, is that they are gas efficient and run on diesel. Diesel engines are more fuel efficient and they generate more power from less fuel thanks to their higher compression rating. With the addition of the newly developed high-pressure fuel-injection systems, they become even better fuel economy wise. And if that wasn’t enough, a turbocharger can also push the fuel output and economy even further.

However, it’s not just the engine that has an effect on the performance and gas consumption. The entire exhaust system is also of utmost importance. And besides replacing a tire, replacing an exhaust system is the second easiest and most common repair done on vehicles. If you’re looking to replace the exhaust on your Toyota because of a fault, or you just want to increase your car’s performance, you should consider buying Toyota 4×4 exhaust kits, given that your vehicle has a 4-wheel drive (which most off-road vehicles do).


Toyota 4×4 exhaust kits are usually the best option for 4-wheel drive Toyotas, as these exhaust systems are OEM and will perfectly fit your car. Furthermore a proper exhaust system will make off-road driving much more efficient and you won’t have to worry about dust entering your engine, while your engine will have a clean flow of air, enabling better performance.

The exhaust system is quite simple but it has a bunch of parts, and understanding what each and every one of them does, will allow you to understand your vehicle better. It can be a big deal breaker and it should be something that you should check before buying a car. Here is list of what it’s comprised.


The exhaust manifold is a single tubing that moves the gases from the engine to the pipe. Usually it removes the gases from multiple cylinders in the engine. A header is a manifold that has pipes for individual cylinders. All manifolds are made from stainless steel, cast iron and some custom models are ceramic coated, polished chrome or painted.

Catalyst Converter

The most widely used catalytic converter today is the so-called three way converter. It reduces the air pollution of a vehicle by changing nitrogen, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide into water and carbon dioxide.


The purpose of the muffler is to quiet down the sound that the engine produces. It has stainless scrubble, fiberglass insulation or resonating chambers that reduce the sound escaping from the exhaust pipe. The disadvantage of some mufflers is that they create backpressure, causing the vehicle to have less power and be less fuel efficient.

Exhaust Pipe

Exhaust pipes are usually made from stainless steel and provide transport to gases from the manifold to the rest of the exhaust system. They can be slightly bent or straight; they come in different designs to provide additional filtering or to exit from different places of the vehicle.