If your little bundle of joy keeps rolling and changing positions all night long, it can lead to discomfort which results in waking up, crying and losing precious moments of sleep for everyone involved. Although there is no product parents can buy that can promise perfectly peaceful nights, there are certain items really go a long way in making the most of those late hours reserved for rest. The sleeping bag is one of those important and helpful items.

The biggest advantage a sleeping bag provides is safer sleep. According to studies, using these bags can help decrease the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Blankets are not recommended since with them it is harder to maintain constant temperature – the toddler can get cold if they somehow end up putting the blanket aside (and they will) or they can overheat if it doubles over. So, the sleeping bag takes over. They provide consistency of temperature and even if the baby wriggles around a lot, their head won’t get covered.

So, a good toddler sleeping bag allows free movement, warmth and comfort, but you should also look for one that is highly breathable and antibacterial. In addition, sleeping bags are great if you want to achieve a routine regarding the time for going to bed. The reason why this works is because whenever you put the bag on your baby, he/she will subconsciously be reminded that bedtime is approaching.

The type of bag you ought to choose, material wise, depends on your local climate as well as the season. However, what is not up for a debate is the fact that natural fibres (such as organic cotton, bamboo or merino wool) are the best since they provide breathability and temperature regulation in the best way possible. Size wise, you should know that sleeping bags are measured by age and it is important not to put your baby in an oversized or too small toddler sleeping bag. By doing so, your child won’t be comfortable and waking up will be a sure thing.

Another advantage that comes with using sleeping bags is their convenience in the sense that you won’t need any extra bedding, sheets and additional covers. They give your toddler enough space to move and still there is no risk of getting their foot stuck between the bars of the cot. You can also use the sleeping bag when transporting your baby from your car to their cot without interrupting their sleep too much.

If your baby has a good night’s sleep, you will too and buying a toddler sleeping bag can certainly bring you one step closer to that goal.