Industrial racking includes storage solutions for warehouses and other industrial job sites, where storing goods is a major part of the everyday operations. The racking storing solutions are widely accepted among the industrial sites for optimizing the available storage space and ensuring an optimum level of performance and productivity.

Industrial racking provides an array of benefits when it comes to storing and displaying products. Simply said, the benefits for your business of investing in a racking solution are:

  • Reduced operating costs;
  • Increased level of productivity on your industrial job site;
  • Reduced time required for moving inside the warehouse;
  • Better optimized and maximized storage space on your job site;
  • Reduced labor cost;
  • Increased product safety and reduced chance of damage;
  • Increased safety of workers who operate inside the warehouse.


In Which Cases Industrial Racking Investment Is Of Vital Importance?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the industrial racking systems are suitable for a variety of industrial business sites. However, there are cases when investing in a pallet racking is of vital importance. Therefrom, you need to purchase quality industrial racking storing solution if:

You need to sort and pick the products by case or by item;

You deal with products that are too sensitive to be floor stacked;

You should store seasonal products;

Your warehouse is a high-ceiling facility;

Your products are not packed in bags, cases and other type of wrapped loads.

How To Select The Right Industrial Racking For Your Business?

Australian pallet racking manufacturers offer a wide range of industrial shelving solutions. Knowing the basic types of industrial racking and their main features will help you choose the right industrial pallet racking for your business. Here are few common industrial racking types you should familiarize yourself with.

  • Selective Pallet Rack

    This is the most popular type of industrial racking among the Australian industrial businesses owners. This is due to the fact that this type is suitable for a wide range of applications in industrial, retail and general warehousing. You can easily reconfigure it when you need to add new different products and adjust it when there are any inventory changes.

  • Double-Deep Pallet Rack

    This is a special industrial pallet racking storing solution that can increase the utilization of the floor space in your warehouse for over 50%. With this racking storing system, you will need less aisles compared to all other storing solutions.

  • Push-Back Rack Storage

    The push-back racking storage improves the accessibility and selectivity of your products. By installing this type of industrial racking, you will increase the storage density. Also, you will be able to increase the space utilization in your warehouse.