These days, it is really hard to make movies for children. Constant technology developments make things easily accessible to young children, making it very difficult for those who want with their work to capture the attention of children, boost their imagination and at the same time teach them about life and faith.

Bill Muir is one of those people and he did a great job in achieving that with his movie The Lost Medallion, based on the book The Lost Medallion: The Adventures Of Billy Stone. This funny and adventurous children’s Christian movie sends a Gospel message and teaches children about God and the faith they need to have in Him.


Despite the fact that it is a low-budget movie, The Lost Medallion is a must-see for everyone who has children and younger viewers in their family. It is a wonderful movie that portrays great adventures that will simply capture the hearts of children. It was released on the 1st of March, 2013 by Kaos Entertainment production, distributed by Methinx Entertainment.

The Lost Medallion is a powerful movie that teaches children about ethical and moral values that are important for survival. The story of The Lost Medallion begins with Daniel Anderson visiting a foster home to make a donation where he decides to tell kids a story. The story is about two children, Billy Stone and Allie, and the lost medallion that belonged to an ancient king, which according to a legend was able to grant wishes.

Billy Stone is a young adventurous archaeologist who has spent his life searching for a lost medallion with the help of his best friend Allie and his father. After finding the medallion, Billy and Allie travel back in time where they find an island and its population attacked by the evil Cobra. Cobra tries to steal the medallion, so Billy and Allie are forced to make an alliance with the evil prince, his best friend and a wise old man, in order to unlock the power of the medallion. And, here’s where the adventure of Billy and Allie starts. They explore the colourful island, amazing waterfalls and natural beauties.

Overall, The Lost Medallion is an amazing movie for children and younger viewers that teaches about the belief in God through the exciting adventures of Billy and Allie.