MMA, or mixed martial arts is a type of combat sport where two competitors use a combination of different martial arts techniques like chokes, kicks, punches, throws and takedowns to overpower their competitor and win the fight.

If you know someone in your life who’s actively training MMA or a big fan of the sport, you know how passionate they are about everything MMA represents and stands for. Naturally, when it’s time to gift them with some presents, the first thing that comes to mind is MMA-related gifts.



Every fighter needs proper gear to train and win in the octagon. If your friend is one of them, gifting them a pair of durable and hand-conforming MMA gloves will help them a lot. There are several types of gloves you can choose from, depending on what your buddy needs. The first one is bag gloves. They’re made for practice sessions and for using them on bags.

They’re lightweight, strong and durable and suitable for speedballs, speed bags and heavy bags. Even though they look thin, they actually have good knuckle padding for protection. Many fighters combine them with hand wraps for an extra layer of safety. Next are training gloves. They’re mainly used for focus training and hitting focus mitts.

They’re also suitable for heavy bags, shadowboxing and sparring. These grappling gloves are lightweight and have very little padding. With only 100g of weight, they give the fighters the flexibility they need to strike and grapple. And last but not least, sparring gloves. They’ll help your friend practice some punching with a tight fist.

They have more padding on the top and front of the hand to protect it from injuries. This is important because injuries are common when the fighter is practising their punching and striking techniques. There are different glove sizes, and you’ll find a suitable one no matter if you’re looking for a pair for an adult or a youngster.

Many sellers have size charts which make it easier to find what you need. The charts have measurements of the wrist’s width and hand length. You should get the right fit for the recipient because anything too big will slip from their hand, and anything too tight can feel uncomfortable, restrict their movements and cause injuries.

Since there are many different kinds of gloves on the market, they all have a wide range of features. Make sure the gloves include the ones that are important for your friend. Some of the most common are moisture-wicking properties, high-density foam for protection or cowhide or engineered leather for more shock absorption.

Gear Bag


MMA fighters have a lot of gear to deal with, clothes, hand wraps, MMA gloves, towels, protective gear, a water bottle and other personal items. It’s hard carrying them around if they don’t have the proper bag. There are specially designed MMA bags that can fit the equipment comfortably.

They come in different sizes, depending on the amount of training gear your friend carries. Size is an important factor because the contents inside shouldn’t be jammed and shoved inside. They should be layered out, easy to find and organised. If you can, get them a bag that has many compartments inside. Something that has separate space for clothes, protective gear and personal belongings.

Many bags also have internal and external pockets for smaller items like keys, wallets and phones. Adjustable padded straps are also a big plus, and zipper and Velcro closures are the most practical.

When it comes to materials, reinforced nylon is probably the best choice. It’s strong, durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Invest as much as you can in this gift because it’s something that should last for many years, and your friend deserves only the best.

MMA Books


MMA has a lot of history. It had many amazing fighters and legends that are still appreciated today. It also has ups and downs, events worth remembering forever and unpleasant memories as well. What’s a better way to get familiar with the fighters, their struggles and their victories than through books?

If your friend likes reading, then this would be the perfect present. There are so many good MMA books you can choose from, autobiographies, biographies, history lessons, rules books, books that teach techniques and fighting tips and tricks and much more.

  • Got Fight? – Forest Griffin;
  • Becoming the Natural – Forest Griffin;
  • Why I Fight – B. J. Penn;
  • The Cauliflower Chronicles – Marshal D. Carper;
  • The MMA Encyclopedia – Jonathan Snowden;
  • Blood in the Cage – L. Jon Wertheim;
  • Iceman: My Fighting Life – Chuck Liddell and Chad Millman.

Punch Tracker


A punch tracker is a revolutionary piece of equipment that will help the fighter improve their skills. These little, sophisticated gadgets clip onto the wrists, the heavy bag, or the MMA training gloves to record the landed punches in real time. These metrics include speed, power, and punch count and some can even show the type of punch.

In the past, this information was only accessible to professional fighters and their coaches. And nowadays, everyone can have them in their hands. Most gadgets can connect to apps on the phone and the fighter can set goals, track their progress and get personalised feedback. Plus, there’s a chance your friend will connect to a bigger MMA community and get support in their personal growth as a fighter.

Hand Wraps


Hand wraps are an important part of the fighter’s training gear. They’re there to protect and support the knuckles and wrists. They look like strips of cloth fastened with tape. If you decide to get your friend this gift, go for high-quality products because they can make a difference between getting injured and staying safe.

Most of them are made of nylon, cotton or a 50-50 mix of both. The combination of these materials makes the wraps comfortable and durable. Some even have a bit of elastic in them to make them more flexible. These wraps can reach up to 4m in length, which is more than enough to wrap your hands. The loops and Velcro straps will give your friend a comfortable fit.