Over the course of more than 70 years, skateboarding has evolved from its humble beginnings as “sidewalk surfing” to a multifaceted, extremely popular activity. For some it’s a pursuit of adrenaline, for others, it’s an exciting career path, and for others, it’s just a fun way to get around. No matter your motivation, grabbing a board and hitting the pavement sure sounds like a ticket to freedom and exhilaration. 
But between decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, and other components, getting started can feel like building a rocket ship. Although in reality, assembling a skateboard is far less complicated than rocket science, building one from scratch still takes a fair amount of knowledge, skill, and time. 

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A Shortcut to Skateboarding Fun

If you’re itching to cruise the streets or land your first ollie, it might be the right time to enter the exciting world of skateboard completes. So what does a complete skateboard mean?
These pre-assembled skateboards are ready to ride straight out of the box, cutting the middle man (or in this case, hours of hassle) out, allowing you to jump straight into carving lines and stomping tricks.
Fully kitted out with board, grip tape, trucks, wheels, bearings and hardware, a complete skateboard is your passport to the perfect free-spirited pastime or an alternative daily commute to school or work.

A Plethora of Skateboard Options 

Available in various lengths, widths, and shapes to suit various riding styles, you can easily find a board that meets your skill level and preference. From budget-friendly cruisers to pro-calibre setups, there are many options to suit different needs and wants. 
For some, the word complete may initially sound limiting in the sense of cutting off the potential for personalisation. But fret not; if you care to win those extra style points, you can always swap out wheels, change grip tape, or even upgrade parts to make your complete board truly your own.

A Budget-Friendly Choice for Novice Skaters

Although skateboard completes come at different price points, most of the time they’re a more affordable option compared to building your own setup from scratch. Sure, high-end completes featuring pro-level parts can sometimes rival the cost of a custom setup, but when talking entry-level and intermediate boards, you’re in for the ultimate deal and value.
First, you won’t be tempted to splurge on unnecessary bells and whistles that won’t make much of a difference if you’re just starting out. And second, if your first skateboard takes a pounding (it probably will), replacing it won’t break the bank. 

Making an Informed Decision

Completes eliminate the hassle of puzzling over incompatible parts, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know your decks, wheels, and trucks. When buying a ready-to-skate board, it’s still wise to equip yourself with some basic knowledge about the integral components.


Graphics aside, length and width should be your first considerations. Wider boards provide more stability for cruising, while narrower decks excel at technical tricks. On a similar note, shorter decks offer more control and responsiveness, while longer ones allow for smooth, steady cruising and park riding.
Use your preferred riding style as a guiding point when choosing your skateboard, but also keep your height and shoe size in mind to ensure the right fit.


The wheels influence everything from speed to grip and shock absorption. Soft wheels offer a smooth ride on rough surfaces but lack the speed and acceleration of harder ones. Consider your usual terrain and riding preferences to balance out comfort and performance.


Trucks determine your board’s stability and manoeuvrability. Wider trucks provide more control at higher speeds and increased stability, perfect for learning tricks. For tight turns and quick flips, narrower trucks are a better option, as they’re nimbler and more responsive. 

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Key Features to Consider 

So what defines a good skateboard? Although there isn’t a universal standard, and it’s more about finding the perfect match for your riding style, there are certain desirable qualities you don’t want to miss out on. 
Look for completes with 7-ply decks crafted from Canadian maple – an industry standard for durability and pop. Brands like Globe, Z-Flex, Blind, and Darkstar are known for their quality, hard rock Canadian maple decks. 
Boards from these and other trusted brands also typically feature strong, high-quality alloy trucks that allow for reliable control with minimal wobble. It’s also wise to look for setups equipped with ABEC-rated bearings to ensure smooth rolling and less maintenance. Higher numbers (ABEC 7+) will help minimise friction and maximise spins, so keep this in mind as well.Closing Thoughts All things considered, it’s safe to say that completes are a great option for aspiring skaters. Although pre-configured setups can’t always cater to every nuance of individual preference, they offer a solid foundation for learning the basics.
With that being said, you can now start your hunt for your first four-wheeler. Grab a complete, strap on your safety gear, and start your skateboarding journey.