The world of today is a world full of choices, and with this being said it doesn’t mean we always make the right ones, particularly our food choices. Having the possibility of buying processed foods that are tasty, and not having the time enough to indulge in healthy and savoury meals that are nutritious yet take more to prepare, we open up the gateway to gaining weight and health issues. So what can one do to make way for a healthy diet when fresh non-toxic produce costs much more than that grown fully on pesticides? The answer is simple and one our ancestors were very well aware of – turn to gardening.

Even if you don’t have the space enough to start off as a gardener, the possibilities are endless now that urban gardening is gaining momentum. All you need for the right beginning is choosing the place that’s best fit for growing your plants. It can be just about anywhere, your staircase, balcony, patio, and even your kitchen. This also means you have to know the kind of plants you intend to plant, so you’d know their requirements beforehand and choose the proper spot, providing just the needed amount of light and shade.

Heirloom Seeds

When you get to the choice of plants you’d certainly consider opting for the organic variant and this is where heirloom seeds come to the spotlight. As their name itself implies, these seeds have been passed down from generation to generation in their original form, preserved because of their quality and value. The best way you can find heirloom organic seeds is by looking them up online from specialised gardening shops where you can also get the proper gardening books and tools for your gardening experience.

Heirloom organic seeds are open pollinated, meaning they are the seeds that were taken from a plant, preserved and then replanted so year by year the same kind of plant variety with the same qualities is grown. Heirloom seeds are needed for the creation of hybrids which are cross pollinated artificially. The results from both is different as heirloom seeds have a specific rich taste and high nutritional value. Unlike the hybrids, the heirlooms are less uniform so they don’t ripen all at once and by selecting the seeds of your most successful heirloom plants, you get to have future plants of more quality. By planting heirloom organic seed, not only do you make way for organic food on your menu that you have the credit for growing on your own, but you also get to taste delicious fresh produce that can also affect your health positively with its high nutrition properties.

If this wasn’t convincing enough to start up your own heirloom seeds garden, there’s a reason more to achieve that – they are more cost-effective than hybrids. Opting for heirlooms means opting for value and being part of history making, growing produce the same way ancestors did and preserving quality seeds for more generations to come.