Summertime is one of the most fun times throughout the year. It offers so many possibilities for family fun and entertainment, development and learning. You could go camping or fishing, take a long vacation on the beach or chill by the pool with the kids. 

If you chose the last option, you know the kids will need some sort of entertainment. Swimming from one side of the pool to another is not so fun for the little ones. Getting them some playful and sturdy kids’ pool toys can make their splish-splash time much more exciting.


When you and your child just want to relax and feel a little lazy, floats can be a terrific option. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the water while also keeping cool and unwinding. These floats ought to be strong and constructed from premium materials. The most popular substance is PVC, which can survive nicks from some sharp items and scrapes from pebbles. Always examine the seams because they must be sturdy enough to withstand pressure from an average person.

Ask how long it takes the float to fill with air and if you need a machine or just your lips to do it. Deflation is also important. You shouldn’t wait for hours before they inflate or deflate. There’s a big variety of shapes and sizes you can choose from. The first ones are the regular, flat floats. Some of them even come with a pillow so the kids can prop their heads and enjoy the sun.

There are floats for toddlers that have leg holes and a rubber cover to protect them from the sun. The amazing couch-style floats provide a nice dose of comfort. Some of them even have cup holders for the drinks. When it comes to colours and patterns the choice is practically endless. Choose your child’s favourite colour, pattern or superhero. Buy floats shaped like fruits, vegetables and even animals. You can find virtually anything you can think of.

kids toys for fun in backyard pool

Pool Slide

Pool slides have to be one of the most fun kids’ pool toys you can buy. They’re great not just for kids, but for you as a parent as well. The 2 main choices you have when it comes to material, are plastic and inflatable. The slide should be at a reasonable price, made of high-quality materials, and of course easy to install and repair.

Consider if the size of the pool allows for a slide, and if it does, how big should it be. The area around it should be clear of any tables, benches and other settings that can interfere with the installation. The slide shouldn’t block any movement around the pool. Also, try to buy up-to-date slides because they offer the best structural components and the safest structure.

There are several other considerations. The slide should be firmly attached to the ground and not stagger. It’s also important how much weight it should bear. Kids are lighter but if you and other adults want to use the slide, it should have a higher weight tolerance. Also, make sure the sliding surface is smooth. There shouldn’t be any scratches and bruises when you slide.

If the end of the slide is higher, the pool should be deeper and vice versa. And the angle shouldn’t be too steep. Plastic slides and ones made of reinforced fibreglass are very durable. They can withstand harsher weather conditions such as UV rays and temperature changes. Plus, they’re easier to fix. On the other hand, they’re harder and more time-consuming to install.

All of these slides have steps coated with a non-slip layer and handrails, which is a great addition to the overall safety of the children. They can be in many shapes and sizes and vary in colour. What you choose depends on your family’s preferences. Inflatable slides have one big advantage over plastic ones, their mobility. They’re easy and light to carry around and you can put them anywhere.

It’s important to consider the maximum load-bearing capacity and the number of people who can be on the structure simultaneously. A lot of manufacturers equip the slide with a pump that brings water to the top of the slide. This way the kids will have a smooth slide down without skin damage. These slides are oftentimes in fun bright colours and feature popular characters.

Swim Vests

Swim vests are not toys for pools, but more of a safety feature to have around your child. Don’t mistake it for a life jacket. Its role is to keep the child buoyant, so don’t leave it unsupervised while in the pool. First, choose the right size and fit, otherwise, it won’t do the job it’s meant to. Second, pick a reliable manufacturer that makes high-quality vests.
Third, make sure the child is comfortable. The vest shouldn’t feel too tight or too loose. Fourth, consider the material. Neoprene is easiest to clean and dry. And finally, check the seams. They should be thick and not rip apart when in use. Some vests even have UV protection, which is a great feature. Swim vests are a great way for your child to learn how to swim, so it’s worth investing in a couple of them.

Snorkel Set

There are so many water activities that kids can enjoy on their own or together with their friends or family. Snorkelling is one of those that they can do either way. This set is one of the most popular toys for pools on the market. They’re always looking forward to it and are very excited to show what they can do underwater.

But to keep things fun, and most importantly, safe, you have to buy the set with the right fit. A set that doesn’t fit their face the right way is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous. Every standard snorkel kit includes swim fins, a mask and a snorkel tube. Sometimes they come in a practical bag so you can carry them around easily or take them to the beach.

Every part of the set should be made of the right materials. The fins should be comfortable and sturdy, and the mask made of hypoallergenic silicone. Even if this is something the kids won’t use all the time, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality, choose the best set you can find. 

Besides the standard masks, you can also buy a full-face mask, but they’re sometimes very uncomfortable for children. Also, make sure the fins are adjustable and with an open heel. That way, they’ll be practical and more comfortable.