One of the activities we spend most of our time on is sleeping and trying to fall asleep. According to experts, we spend one-third of our life – 26 years to be precise – in bed. We spend another 7 years trying to get to sleep – and that’s around 33 years of laying in bed! Taking these statistics into account, our bed is the place we spend nearly half of our life. And as such, it should be the most comfortable piece of furniture we can imagine.

With that in mind, your immediate thought is probably finding the right latex mattress. But did you know that bed sheets are another key element that contributes to a great night’s sleep?

The truth is, not all bed sheets are made equal. Depending on the quality of the material, there is a variety of fabrics that sheets are made of which can increase or decrease your comfort. In addition to the conventional options, more people are turning to organic bedding as this alternative brings a plethora of benefits. Organic bed sheets are a healthier option manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals which can be found in conventional bedding products.

girl sleeping on bamboo sheets

A popular choice when it comes to organic bedding is bamboo. Bamboo has many amazing features  and is one of the most sustainable natural resources found on the planet. If you don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort, then an organic sheet sets made of 100% bamboo will help you create the bed of your dreams – allowing you to have the most comfortable sleep without taking looks out of the equation.

Bamboo Sheets Benefits

It’s Luxurious and Soft

A luxurious look with a smooth and soft feel is something we all crave for our bed. Bamboo sheets are able to provide that comfort because of their high thread count – the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. As a way to measure quality, many manufacturers pay much attention to this scientific term. According to this measure, fabrics with a thread count of 800 and higher are going to be of lesser quality than fabrics with a thread count of 300. For those reasons bamboo bed sheets made of 400TC are the preferable bedding choice comparing to the 1000+ thread count of organic cotton. You’ve certainly noticed that some sheets fell clammy and don’t allow air to pass through. The reason for this lays in simple maths: higher thread count.

happy girl waking up in the morning

It’s Thermal Regulating

Anyone who struggles with night sweats knows how uncomfortable that is. Bed sheets made from cotton absorb your sweat and retain heat in the material. So this way, your body will heat up and you’ll eventually wake up drenched in sweat and looking for some relief. But, organic bamboo bedding is different. It’s thermal regulating as bamboo doesn’t retain moisture. In fact, it’s breathable and lets heat escape while you sleep, thus providing the perfect temperature during the night. Even on hot nights, bamboo is lightweight and breathable, very easy on your skin.

It’s Antimicrobial and Hypoallergenic

Inarguably, these are some of the most unique benefits of bamboo organic sheet sets. If you know someone with sensitive skin or allergies – then you might know that they tend to wake up during the night feeling itchy and uncomfortable. This may be due to the dust mites – some of the most common indoor allergens. Bamboo contains a natural agent called “Bamboo Kun” which makes this fabric anti-microbial, keeping it free from common allergens, bacteria, dust mites and odours. This will allow you to sleep better, without having to wake up with congestion stuffiness and sniffs. Very gentle to sensitive skin, bamboo fibres are the favourite choice of many people.

grey bamboo sheet set for bedroom

It’s Long-Lasting

Although no sheets are meant to last forever, the ones made of organic bamboo last longer than conventional options. Bamboo fibres are stretched to the entire length of the sheet, meaning they are less likely to tear and pill. In addition, these sheets can last for several years if you care for them properly. Bamboo bedding can be washed using the gentle cycle, cold or lukewarm water wash cycle and it’s preferable to use delicate laundry detergents. Avoid harsh products that may contain bleach and brighteners because it can stain your sheets.

Bamboo is also unabsorbent and therefore stain-resistant (especially to oils from your skin or skincare products). In case you need to remove stains, try to use natural products as that’s one of the ways to make your bamboo bed set last longer. Line drying is recommended and if necessary, you can iron your bedding on low heat but never with a steamer.

Bamboo organic sheets won’t turn yellow or grey over time – they will keep their original colour and look brand new for many years to come.