We spend a great portion of our lives in our beds whether sleeping, relaxing, watching series and snaking and what not… This makes the mattress one of the most important home feature one should invest in. But generally, finding the right mattress can be pretty daunting. With all the choices on the market today it’s even harder to do proper comparison of quality and prices, however thanks to the possibility for online shopping, it’s much easier to read a review, do great research without wasting too much precious time and finally pick what you think will suit your needs the most.

Latex Mattresses

One of the latest and most popular fabrics for mattresses is latex. We’re talking about a durable, high-quality and safe material that has rightfully become quite popular among the biggest mattresses stores around the world. People like investing in latex mattresses mainly because they have long lifespan, are fire retardant and most of all because they are non-toxic. Also, unlike most of the other types of mattresses, latex ones don’t smell and don’t let germs and fungus spread as much. Plus, the motion isolation associated with all latex mattresses is what makes them so attractive especially among couples. There are three different types of latex mattresses on the market today and each of them offers different benefits.

Organic Latex Mattresses

Natural latex mattresses are derived directly from the latex tree. This particular type of latex mattress is really comfortable, especially because it gives the body full support providing cushioning for pressure points such as the hips and shoulders. Obviously, producing this particular type of latex mattress makes for a complicated process which means it will cost you more.

Synthetic Latex Mattresses

Synthetic latex mattresses on the other hand are made from man-made materials, usually polyurethane foam, nylon and petroleum-based polyester. Most of these mattresses are treated with flame retardant chemicals such as boric acid, phosphate and melamine and that’s what makes them so special among all the other mattresses on today’s market. These latex mattresses in particular are cheaper than the fully-organic ones.

Blended Latex Mattresses

The Blended latex mattresses on the other hand are those that bring the best of both worlds. They have both natural and synthetic ingredients, usually 70 or 80% synthetic and 30 or 20% organic material, depending on the manufacturer. This type of latex mattress is the most commonly used and the prices usually range between the prices of the synthetic and the natural latex mattresses.