You know how the vanity used to be the fancy, inevitable and centre-piece of furniture in every woman’s bedroom back in the days when powdering for hours in front of the mirror was a ritual before going out? Today, it’s something a lot different – an inevitable element of every bathroom. And it’s not just because you need a large element to fill in the space, but because it’s the fanciest and most practical way to get rid of bathroom clutter a.k.a. an army of hair brushes, hair devices like blow dryers, irons and similar stuff, hair products you can’t live without, creams for all kinds of purposes, and a lot of other hygiene necessities.

So, how do you buy vanity that’s going to be right for your space in size, style and utility? Simple, just do a small analysis on the access point as in where will the vanity be positioned and will the stuff in it be easily accessible; does the plumbing system goes along with the whole plan, and finally, choose the right material (don’t opt for the wooden ones, moisture and wood don’t really get along). Of course, the element you simply can’t neglect is style; which type of vanity will best fit your bathroom?

Bathroom Vanity

A Washstand

Timeless elegance. It’s only a sink combined with classic, tubular chrome legs and towel rails. Add to that combination a gray marble top and you have the perfect vanity for a completely white bathroom. The decision to buy vanity of this type though will be probably driven by the style dimension of it, because a washstand doesn’t come with cabinets beneath. This means you’ll have to place your army of products somewhere else.

The Single Sink

A single sink is a good option for a small bathroom. A vanity with just one sink and a small cabinet beneath is mainly mounted to the wall and connected with the plumbing system. It is just the right size for people who live alone or with a partner, are completely organized and don’t keep all kinds of unnecessary stuff in their bathroom. It is simple – just throw away the things you no longer use. These vanities can come in many varieties, made of different materials and colours, thus you have a pretty wide choice.

When You Don’t Really Need Storage

When you don’t need the storage space, you can freely opt for the most stylish option for vanity on the market (usually not the most practical, but still). My personal favourite: two sinks on a thick, wall-hung plinth with a shelf below for stashing towels or paper. These would normally be large constructions, so calculate attentively the space you’ll need for maximum comfort and ease for functioning.

Custom Made Vanity

If all other choices fail your taste and desire, you can always opt for a custom made vanity. Go to someone who makes vanities for bathrooms with a sketch of what you want and your measurements; he’ll suggest the materials that will best fit what you have pictured and arrange for the vanity to be installed once it is done. You can direct the style, the colour and even the smallest details, if of course, the manufacturer is that good.