The arrival of a new family member is one of the most joyful events in the life of every parent, therefore it does take up some preparations. Carefully choosing the clothes, the bottles, diapers and pacifiers can all add to the excitement. However, there is one preparation that requires more detailed planning and skills: preparing the nursery. Arranging your baby’s room is quite the special activity as it includes carefully choosing the right furniture and the adequate decoration.

wallpapers for kids room

It might sound surprising to some of you, but there is more to a room that meets they eye, since it can have a great impact on your baby’s brain development. A lot of research has been done to prove the effect of colour on our brains, so it is logical the walls of your baby’s nursery are important, which is where our tips come in handy to make your search for the ideal nursery style for your walls a fun experience.

A wallpaper happens to be a better option than wall painting because it appears far more artistic and colourful and it be replaced whenever you feel the need to add some changes to the nursery or quickly transform it into a kids’ room when your child grows up. It is important to look for washable wallpapers because once your baby becomes a toddler, the walls will be turned into canvas. Since there are many patterns and colours of wallpapers you can find, it is crucial that you know the type of baby bedroom wallpaper you want for your nursery.

Because at this stage the wallpaper will not make much of a difference to your baby, it is important to choose the style you like. If you are up for creating a soothing, relaxing atmosphere for your angel, your best bet will be choosing wallpapers with pastel colours. Small prints with animals or different coloured shapes can turn the room into a lovely spot and help your baby with sleep with the effect soothing colours have.

For a more stimulating atmosphere that would positively affect the development of your baby’s brain, choose from styles with bright contrasting colours. The stripped wallpapers are ideal for this kind of outcome. Though your baby is long from learning the alphabet, a wallpaper with words and quotes can also visually stimulate and can be the baby bedroom wallpaper you are looking for.

Last but not least, you might be tempted to create a themed nursery whether it is using a Disney princess or superhero as your option, but this might be a more suitable option in later on when your child will be old enough to have a say into choosing the perfect theme.