Ever thought “What would happen if you gave everything?”, What would happen if you encountered the true love of God? If you’re ready to transform your life and be filled with His love, the Compelled By Love movie (watch trailer) will wreck you and inspire you and challenge you.

The Compelled By Love is a new film that centers around the story of Heidi and Roland Baker and the organization they have established under the name of Iris Global; it is “a feature-length documentary tracing the movement of revival sweeping across Mozambique, and the Baker’s own personal journey of intimacy with Jesus.” The film unveils the story of Heidi’s philosophy regarding the unconditional love we should give to others in the name of God. It depicts how one can truly find oneself only through completely loosing oneself.


The film features incredible miracles that are to be deeply rooted within every viewer and it is all because of the genuine emotions that overwhelm every significant sequence. Compelled By Love can be analyzed from many different angles, but the most powerful point of view is the link with the New Testament and the place of Jesus in the modern world.

The film covers many of Heidi’s projects, most of which are entangling individual stories that have surprising revelations. Heidi is a person that has the ability to influence everyone around her only through goodness and patience, exactly in the manner that Jesus himself would have done if he were walking among us again.


There is a very special story featured in the film that centers around a boy (now an adult) that Heidi used to take care of. The boy used to stole money from her wallet and even though Heidi knew this, she kept loving him and did not give up the struggle to get him on the right path. She succeed in that simply by showing no aggression or anger whatsoever and the boy himself realized that what he was doing was wrong. Realizing this, he turned into a better person later on, just because of the constant love he kept receiving by Heidi.

Anyone who is remotely interested in the way Christianity operates through such wonderful people as Heidi and her partner Roland Baker, should see the film and learn from it. What you should expect to experience when seeing it, are deep emotional messages that are going to challenge the way you view the purpose of life and the way we treat others. On a deeper and implicit level, this film deals with the theme of selfishness versus selflessness and it poses the greatest challenge of them all – the ability to think twice before we put ourselves first and try to find happiness through other people’s misery and inconvenience.

Compelled By Love is one truly compelling masterpiece that can fill the hearts of Christians with hope, while still remaining grounded and realistic.