Cycling is probably one of the best outdoor activities. I have been riding a bike my whole life. I couldn’t even walk properly yet and I was already tearing the road with my tricycle. By the time I was ten years old, I got a full sized mountain bike and I never went anywhere without it. Cycling opened a whole new world for me and completely changed the way I interacted with the environment.

There are many benefits from teaching your children to ride a bike at early age and bicycle manufacturers realize that, which is why, on today’s market, there is a huge variety of bicycle for kids of different ages, skill levels, and experience. Here are some of the many reasons why kids should be cycling.


First of all, riding a bike is great exercise. With childhood obesity getting worse in recent years and kids spending way too much time on their computers and in front of the TV, getting enough exercise and fresh air is very challenging. Cycling is a very fun activity and it will definitely grab your kids attention and make them appreciate the outdoors.

Cycling is more than just an exercise for the body. As I said, it is a very fun activity, and besides burning calories, it will greatly improve your child’s mood.

Cycling is a great hobby for children and adults alike. This means that the whole family can enjoy it at the same time. Exploring the countryside together on your bikes is a great way to bond.

Cycling will improve the overall fitness of your child. It will teach your kids to use their brain and muscles at the same time, it will teach them coordination, balance, strengthen their heart, lungs, muscles, and bones, and boost their confidence.


Nowadays, you can find a bicycle for kids with the same quality as an adult bike. However, kids are expected to grow out of their bike relatively fast, so instead of going over the top and buying the most expensive one, choose a bike with a reasonable price and quality and so you can get them a new one when the time comes. One of the most important things to have in mind when choosing a bicycle for kids is getting the right size. Your kid should be able to easily mount the bike, sit on it comfortably, and reach the ground with a flat foot. Also consider your kids skill level to decide whether they need a tricycle, a bicycle with training wheels, or a smaller version of an adult bike with all the features that go with it.

And always remember that safety comes first. There is really no need to bubble wrap your kid. A helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and some comfortable clothes that will also protect them from the elements are quite enough. Kids are much tougher than you think. What is just as important is to teach your kids how to ride their bike in traffic, for example, looking both ways when they are crossing the street, which side on the road to ride on, and so on.