led lighting australia

As technology’s development is now easily accessible to everyone of us, not having LED light bulbs in your house, building, business space or offices is pretty much stupid. It’s like having an almost ‘free’ source of lighting and not using it because you ain’t got the time to deal with something so trivial. Well, let me remind you: you’re paying for it and getting very little. On the other hand, the new led lighting Australia wide used technology is of far better quality for far less money. Here’s how.

More energy efficient

Do you know how much does city lighting costs? It’s responsible for about 40% of the total of a city’s electricity costs. That’s a whole lot of money to be spend on lighting, isn’t it? And that’s just for illustration on how much money go to waste for the purpose of lighting. With the use of LED lighting bulbs these costs become reduced by as much as 70-90%, and as such present a huge cost-savings option for both large urban communities and municipal governments. That being said, the broad palette of solutions with LED lighting Australia companies offer is definitely worth the try.

Longer life span, less costs

Make the simple comparison: an incandescent light bulb can last only about 1200 hours, while a LED light bulb can last up to 50000 hours. Quite impressive if you ask me. That being said, it’s safe to say that investing in such light bulbs is taking over the scene, especially when it comes to residential buildings or business spaces. As for uses in urban communities, there will still be some additional cost that comes form the need for maintenance, as in these environments, the bulbs are susceptible to more external factors.

They’re a greener option

As opposed to CFL bulbs, the LED lighting bulbs don’t contain the highly poisonous mercury, which makes them a very green option. Most of the examples are fully recyclable, which lowers the carbon output per capita for almost a third. And last but not least, to do the important math: the operational long life span of one LED light bulb is equal to 25 incandescent bulbs, or to translate it in a more attractive way: using one LED light bulb replaces the use of 25 incandescent ones.

They’re flexible in colour and design therefore a good design option

The design of the LED light bulbs allows them to be produced in various shapes and colours. As such, they can be used for creating an ambiance in a room as well as for commercial and residential lighting purposes. Combined with high technology, the light intensity, colour and distribution can be dynamically controlled via timers or a remote, as possibilities allow.

In conclusion, the cost-saving option known as LED lighting Australia has been embraced with rather satisfying results. Plus, using LED light bulbs provides a light that’s just what your home needs to shine with its full beauty.