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Electric skateboards have been around for quite some time, but it wasn’t until 2012 that they become attractive to consumers. They used to be too large, featured gigantic batteries and provided unremarkable execution, until Boosted Boards came up with an innovative, double engine skateboard that commenced an uprising in the electric skateboard industry. Just several years later, you can now find a wide range of brands that produce quality electric skateboards, including Boosted Boards, Evolve Boards, Dot electric skateboards, etc. But how do you define quality? Well, there are a couple of important factors to look out for to ensure you’re getting an electric skateboard that’s going to provide the best bang for your buck.


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It’s important for the electric skateboard you buy to be waterproof. The weather can be unpredictable, and you may ride across a puddle that can damage your electric skateboard if the parts its made of aren’t completely waterproof. While there are some parts in electric skateboards that don’t mind water, the belt and pulley drive train can get damaged easily. Further, the teeth of the drive train can get obstructed with coarseness and soil when you ride over wet surfaces, and that can negatively impact the torque. You can usually notice stopped up teeth when braking. If you’re going to ride in rougher conditions, look for a center engine electric board or an immediate drive one, as they don’t feature as much moving parts, making them thoroughly waterproof and easy to maintain.


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Everyone knows that skateboards go through a lot of use and abuse. They’re continuously exposed to vibrations at high speeds, so they can wear down very quickly. The same applies to electric boards. No matter how well-constructed the board is, there’s a possibility of parts breaking down. This is especially true for the electric parts of electric skateboards, so you’ll need to buy a model that comes with as a lengthy warranty as possible. The warranty also showcases that the brand you’re buying from stands behind the quality of their product. Evolve Boards, Dot electric skateboards, Boosted Board, ExWay are just some of the brands that offer lengthy warranties. Further, check whether you’re allowed to work on your electric skateboard and replace its parts by yourself, or will that void your warranty?


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The type of battery the electric skateboard you choose uses is the biggest consideration in terms of performance. There’s nothing worse than taking off with your electric skateboard and noticing that it won’t have enough power to take you back home. While you can push yourself the old fashioned way, it kinda defeats the purpose of having an electric skateboard. When it comes to batteries, bigger is almost always better. The greater the battery is, the more power it’s capable of storing, meaning you can ride for more in one charge. However, battery chemistry is even more important than size. Lithium-ion batteries are the most powerful ones used for electric boards, and some of them can allow you to travel for as much as 30 km on a single charge. But how much you can go with a single charge of battery will also depend on whether you’re riding uphill or downhill, and your weight.

Replacement Parts

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The electric skateboard you go for should have replacement parts readily available. While the mechanical parts can go through more wear before they need replacement, some electric parts wear down more quickly. Luckily, electric skateboards are pretty straightforward, and most of the time, you may find yourself fixing a few screws and whatnot. Water, vibrations and use can damage hardware gradually over time. Sometimes, you’ll be able to perform some minor repairs and replace parts yourself, while other times, you’ll have to take the electric skateboard to the skate store you bought it from and have them do the replacement of parts or repairs instead. As aforementioned, this can depend on whether you working on the skateboard will void its warranty, or whether you’re skilled enough with basic tools to perform the repair yourself.


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Since the introduction of skateboards, the frames, shapes, sizes and type of wheels they use have greatly evolved to accommodate the different types of riding people do. Electric skateboards are no different – they’re available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, suitable for different types of riding. Some electric skateboards are made for commuting, while others are made for downhill riding. Having the option to customise your electric board, or build one from the ground up is something that any experienced rider would appreciate. Whether you want new, stiffer wheels, or a more powerful battery, having the option to customise your own board per your liking can be beneficial. Of course, before you’re able to do that, you need to understand how your electric board works and what parts its comprised of.