The Toyota Prado is usually wrongly deemed as a city person’s car. And being a mid-sized four-wheel drive with a non-agressive look truly enables it to easily blend in a city environment. However, only the most experienced and well-informed 4×4 enthusiasts know that it is seriously capable to tackle any rough road conditions. The Prado’s genuine power becomes visible the instant you leave the smooth city streets and treat yourself to a little outback adventure. Whether it’s simply touring, off-road exploring, or even desert racing, the Prado can withstand all conditions with comfort and style.

Toyota Prado

However, there’s still plenty of room for improvements that can transform the Prado into the complete, lean mean machine of your dreams. And for the most fearless of rough driving fans, sometimes the horsepower and torque of a Pargo straight out of the factory is simply not enough. Luckily, in the quest for more power and greater speed a little thing called an exhaust system plays the most important role.

And this type of vehicle part can be easily replaced and tweaked to fit the driver’s requirements. An aftermarket Prado exhaust system can be the real solution that frees up more power in your engine. The right pick of exhaust system will open up a quicker and more efficient path for exhaust gasses to escape which means more air and fuel can be burned to create more power.

One of the most noticeable reasons to get an aftermarket exhaust system for your Pardo is that you get the ability to choose a more resistant material. Most factory models come with exhausts out of mild steel which can deteriorate over time. But the better quality aftermarket choices use hihg-quality aluminized steel. Opposed to the factory installed systems, aluminized exhausts offer an exceptional longevity which can usually last throughout the whole life of the vehicle. An aluminized Prado exhaust system can drive past muddy or wet road conditions without corroding and tolerate the extreme heat in the Australian desert.

Besides strength and resiliance, the commonly desired characteristic in an exhaust system is a powerful sound. And aftermarket exhausts manufacturers are well aware of drivers’ which to sound more rugged so they manufacture their products with focus on sound deliverance. Besides fuel economy and power, you can also get a deeper and gruntier sound out of your vehicle. If this is not what it takes to make the Prado seem more aggressive and shed its “city folk” image, I don’t know what is.