The bathroom is a very important part of the home; it is the place where my day starts and those few minutes spent refreshing in morning, are one of the favourite parts of my day. Since it is the room of the home we are using daily, it was of main importance for me to arrange it to be modern and functional at the same time. I put a great effort in this project and paid great attention even to the tiniest details. Buying the right bathroom taps was maybe the most challenging decision of all. With all those designs available I found myself confused which one would best match my bathroom vanity.

Whether you are renovating the entire bathroom or simply want to enhance its existing décor, the bathroom taps your will choose will make a difference to the final result. You may invest in the most expensive and modern vanity there is, but the wrong tap choice could easily break the whole appearance. So, let’s go through the different types of bathroom taps available so you can make the most informed decision.

Bathroom Tap

Pillar Taps

These are one of the most common types of taps you can find on the market and are generally less expensive when compared to other styles. They are in the form of two individual taps – one is for cold water and the other for hot. They are available in a traditional and modern design with the ability to be mounted on the sink or on the bathtub.

Mixer Taps

These taps also have two pipes for both cold and hot water, but unlike pillar taps they come with one spout – the mixer mixes the two flows before the water emerges out from a single spout. With these bathroom taps it is much easier to achieve the required water temperature than with the pillar type of taps.

The Metro Bath Filler

These are contemporary style bath taps. Some advanced models come with a shower mixer in their construction that allows you to switch the water flow from the tap to the shower attachment. This bath tap style is a great choice for families with small kids because you can mix the water flow to the desired temperature before you fill up the bath. For improved safety, there are thermostatic bath mixer taps available, which ensure a consistent water temperature.

Monobloc Mixer Taps

This style of taps features a single built-up unit, one or two handles and a spout. They can be either deck mounted on basins or baths that come with a single hole. They can be installed on a counter top basin as well.

Wall Mounted

A wall mounted tap will make your bathroom look very stylish but the installation part can be quite challenging. They are mounted over the basin or bath so their pipes and plumbing need to go inside the wall. Because of this, a lot of people are not taking them into consider.

Deck Mounted

This type of bathroom taps are among the most preferred ones since they are generally easy to mount. They are attached to the basin or bath and you can find them as pillar taps with two holes or as monoblocs with a single hole.

There is an endless range of bathroom taps designed to suit just any style and needs. Bathroom taps with a contemporary design are more angular and usually have handles that can be lowered or lifted, while traditional ones are usually curved. To make sure you choose the right type of tap for your bathroom, make a combination of your personal taste and the functionality you need.