The driver that controls the electrical motor by varying its speed is called a variable frequency drive. By varying the supplied frequency and voltage, the variable frequency drive drives the electrical motor. The motor’s speed depends directly on the frequency, thus, increasing the frequency will increase the working power of the motor. Therefore, if the full speed of the motor is not needed then the variable frequency drive will decrease the frequency and voltage according to the requirements of the motor’s load. The speed requirements of the application’s motor determine the changes made by the variable frequency drive.

Emotron Fdu

Installing a variable frequency drive is a good idea if you have an application that runs without using the full speed of the motor. By installing a variable frequency drive you will reduce the energy consumption of the motor up to 70%. You will also benefit from an improved quality production which will also help reduce costs. For that reason, finding the best drive on the market that will provide efficient control for the electrical motor is important.

Emotron is a leading brand that promises efficiency and reduced costs by offering the best products on the market. The key features of their products include quality, efficiency and reliability.
Unnecessary production costs may come as a result of interruptions and damage to your equipment. Emotron is a company that takes care of this problem by making their products as reliable and cost-efficient as possible. Whether you choose a single product or a complete drive system from Emotron, they will adapt the product to you own specific requirements; their products are produced to meet your demands.

One such product is the Emotron Fdu 2.0 which offers the best quality optimisation of your fans, pumps, compressors and blowers. It is capable of adapting the motor speed by regulating the flow and pressure. By controlling the motor, Emotron Fdu saves energy and protects your equipment from wearing off. What makes it such a reliable product is the fact that it can control up to 7 drivers and it provides cost-efficiency by controlling multiple pumps or compressors. Regardless of the demand, this method of operating ensures there is a constant flow of pressure.

All the functions of this product are included in a compact IP54 enclosure, which means that you can install the drive close to the application. Monitoring is easy and reliable with Emotron Fdu since the parameters for operation can be set in your own process unit such as Pascal, Celsius, bar etc. You can also customise Emotron Fdu according to your needs by combining up to 4 different options. Another great thing about this product is that it has easy accessible mechanical parts and uses fold-out power modules in bigger powers which makes its maintenance very simple.

Emotron Fdu is a reliable and cost-efficient product that offers optimised operation of your fans, pumps, compressors and blowers by reducing the energy consumption and protecting your equipment. It is a product that meets all the necessary standards to provide a high-quality service.