There comes a time when we could all do with a bit of change of our interiors, the sort of change of scenery in your home if you will, no matter how much we may love the décor as is. Great news is it doesn’t have to be a grand makeover project, when you can get the immense help in the form of wall art.

Though they often go unnoticed, given the fact walls take up a rather big part of our homes, what you do with them décor-wise could have a significant role in the interior. Just do a bit of search for decorative wall hangings, and you’d be surprised as to how many options you’d end up choosing from, such as eye-catching woven pieces, framed prints, crosses, animal heads, and the always stylish dreamcatchers.


Since there are going to be pieces that are going to win your heart immediately, it’s important to have some image in mind as to how you think the decorating project with decorative wall hangings would be, before you actually purchase them. One way of getting a successful outcome is letting a focal point be your guide; could be the sofa, and arranging wall hangings right above it, or surrounding it, as well as over the fireplace.

Then again, it all depends on the kind of art hanging piece you choose. If you want to add several together, it’s advisable to arrange them as a symmetrical grouping (e.g. even number of hangings forming a square), either leaving out a hand-palm of space between them, or not leaving out significant space at all. When it comes to the sofa, in the case of one art piece, it shouldn’t be larger than the sofa itself, but in the case of several pieces, you could come up with an interesting arrangement by hanging them surrounding the whole sofa, perfect for asymmetrical look.

There’s also the wall itself that should be considered; if it’s filling up a large wall, you can have art hanging pieces as a unit with wider spaces between them, or have that one large piece stand out, as opposed to smaller walls that require smaller pieces. Wanting to make hallways come to life, you can use horizontally hung wall art, and the same goes for that monotonous staircase that would simply pop out.

Just because they are wall hangings doesn’t have to mean you can’t find another spot for them other than walls, if you think you’ve already done a great job with wall decorating. For instance that library, or hall tree you’re so fond of could have an art piece showcased, hung on its side, or over it. Plan ahead, and let art find its way in your home.